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I have wanted to write this Instructable for a long time but could not bear the thought of a photo of a roach. I found a plastic one; problem solved. I think you get the idea from that sentence that I am just a little bit, somewhat, sort of, come to think of it, mildly, TERRIFIED of roaches. This is the story of how I got rid of the roaches in my home and they have stayed gone for 10 months now after just the initial treatment.
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Step 1: What you will need

Picture of What you will need
maple syrup pour.jpg
Boric acid powder*
Karo syrup - you may substitute honey or maple syrup or pancake syrup
Rice flour - you may substitute any flour you have on hand
1 Popsicle stick
1 Mixing bowl

Amounts as follows:
2 parts Boric acid
1 part rice flour
enough Karo syrup to make a peanut butter like consistency mixture

Important note: Boric acid powder is not something you want to inhale (get into your eyes or swallow) so mix this up outside. Wear a dust mask too until it is mixed up. It has no odor.

For a 2800 square foot home with 4 bathrooms, I mixed 2 cups of boric acid with 1 cup rice powder and about 3/4 cup of Karo syrup. I used a plastic bowl to mix in and stuck the bowl and left over bait up into the attic/crawl space when I was done baiting.

*(available in hardware stores in the US as "Roach Prufe" (this was the only way I was able to buy it, the canister is 98% boric acid and 2% blue coloring).

Step 2: What my kitchen used to look like

Picture of What my kitchen used to look like
For every roach you see there are probably 100 hiding in the walls. If you see a roach in the daytime it means you have such an infestation that they are crowding each other out of their hiding places. Did I say gross?

Step 3: What my kitchen looks like now

Picture of What my kitchen looks like now
No more roaches!
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FoxysMyGirl5 months ago

I had a problem with roaches last year following a roof leak. It grossed me out. It was the big kind that are supposed to live outdoors. They found a way into my attic and it was terrifying to me since I am a big chicken about roaches, nothing else only roaches. I saw this recipe and didn't want to make anything that would be a bait and attract more but then I thought about how they would take it to their nests that I wouldn't even know how to find in order to spray or treat them. I did it and it has been Miraculous!!! Thank you!! No roaches, not one in an entire year! It took less then 2 weeks and even in the two week period I was seeing fewer and fewer. I didn't have a lot in my house but I would see a couple per week and I knew there was a lot in the attic. Had I not used this recipe I am sure I would have seen more and more and been disgusted every time. I saw a bug on my porch last night so I am making the recipe again today. He may have just been from the flower beds but I don't care, it is not starting again here. Thank you very much for taking the time to post this amazing information!!

Ninzerbean (author)  FoxysMyGirl5 months ago
Thank you so much for taking the time to write. I know it works, that's why I posted it so many years ago. I wish more people would simply do it. I mean just read the ible and follow the instructions.
can i use regular floor and regular syrup
Ninzerbean (author)  lisa.myles.1042 months ago

Yes, it says so in the 'ible, you just have to read the whole thing.

i have the stuff is it ok to use it
Hello. Thank you so much for posting this and checking up on it. I used this recipe about a week ago. I have it all over my house. Ever since I did it, it has been so much worse though. I see them everywhere. Before it was just in my kitchen. Now I am seeing them all over my house. It is literally causing me so much anxiety. I am pregnant with two toddlers which doesn't help. I have read the whole post multiple times, so I'm pretty sure I did it right. Is it normal for them to all come out after doing it? Is there anything else I can do? We will be buying a house next year and more then anything I don't want to bring them over. We will be leaving all the kitchen appliances. Thank you so much for your time.
Cne3416 hours ago
Do think ortho Will work as a paste. I've used it as a powder. But I have a small dog now.
Ninzerbean (author)  Cne3413 hours ago
I don't know. You have to read the ingredients and see how high the percentage of boric acid is.

5 lbs Boric Acid + free shipping. Arrives by US mail. Powder boric acid is very fine, can be dusty to work with but is essential for use in dry pest control applications. $15.95. Do the math. I used a baby powder container to poof it and peanut butter, corn syurp, DME, and boric acid with a dash of cinnamon for my baits. Share with friends.

KarenZ12 days ago

Hi, first of all just want to thank you for your continued attention on this forum - it's been 5 years and you're still here! Stumbled upon this article (actually, I sifted through countless links after re-wording questions in the Google search bar) and spent the last hour reading your instructions and comments. I live in Australia down in Sydney and moved into my unit about a year and a half ago - no pest problems up until about the last two months. One crawled on my dad while he was sleeping. I was so disgusted but couldn't wrap my thick head around the fact that there were probably 30 more for every one where we couldn't see. I wasn't surprised my dad encountered two in his room because of his eating habits - he leaves empty cans and food wrappings on his desk overnight and one time left a scraped-clean half a melon in his room. Like you, I am so repulsed by these critters I can't even stand seeing an image of them (which is why I've been so stressed about looking at article after article). As disgusting as it may sound, I've spotted the droppings of these American roaches in the drawer of my kitchen utensils (I have to wash everything I use again before I eat now), along the sill of my kitchen window (from in the inside) and alongside the kitchen wall next to the fridge. After my dad told me about his experience I rushed to purchase some roach baits which I've placed in the kitchen next to the fridge, between the fridge and the counter, next to the oven, and in corners of the kitchen overall. I've gotten my dad to help clean the counter tops and rid of any potential food, wipe down the stove top and microwave etc. It's been a little over a week and I can't tell if there has been any progress. My father spotted one on the stove top today that actually raced under and into the oven (we didn't even know they were connected) after he turned the lights on. Frankly speaking, my major anxiety is not helping me cope with this well, the problem's been on my mind ever since I placed the baits around. It's gotten to the point that I have to wait a moment after turning on the kitchen light in the evening before entering, if I absolutely must, and I shamefully admit it has reduced me to tears a few times when I think about it. My extreme fear heightens every time there's been a sighting. I know I can't call an exterminator for advice because my dad always thinks I'm over dramatic and obviously, exterminators = $$$. I would spend as much money on it as possible if it means getting rid of these critters, but I'm only 16! When I mentioned to him about making a stop at the local Bunnings store to purchase some boric acid powder just now, he was pretty annoyed and said the commercial roach baits were enough. Clearly I have no choice but to do this myself. Tomorrow I'll be getting all the ingredients you've listed above and start cracking down on this widely acclaimed remedy. I really, really, really hope it will work. I'm pretty sure I can't place the bait in the oven because of the poison and neither the kitchen drawers, so will smearing it behind the sink tap suffice? And the 4cm space between my fridge and the counter? And due to my problematic near-phobia state, can I only bait it in the kitchen? I really do not want to attract any to my room, living room or bathroom etc. I'm sorry for the really lengthy comment (probably the longest to date), and will be super grateful if you leave a reply. Thank you so much!

Ninzerbean (author)  KarenZ12 days ago
Oh Dear KarenZ1,
I wish I was there to help you, I totally understand the tears. Yesterday I found a tick on my dog Otter that was so big I almost started to cry, I was so grossed out that I called a neighbor who told me to bring the poor little OtterBean to her and she removed it. I was dancing all over her kitchen like a total spaz freaking out. I had to go home and strip the bed, wash everything and now I don't even want to pet him. How sad is that?

So, anyway, the stuff is not poisonous to you, you can safely put it in your silverware drawer, just pull the drawer out as far as possible or go up from the underneath of it and scrap some bait on the back.

But, and this is the big but, you have to get your dad on board, he has to read this 'ible, he won't be the first dad to do so. He has to help you bait the whole house or it won't work. The stuff you are using probably kills roaches, you don't want to kill them as much as you want them to bring some bait back to their home-base, and then some will die by eating it but the important part is that they then tell each other NOT to go back to your house - because the food there is killing them. They work as a colony, not that much different than bees. But I don't want to get into a whole thing about bees and the definition of colony again on here. This is not common belief about roaches - it's my belief. Think about the multi-billion dollar a year pest control product market. They do not want to solve the problem. That would put them out of business. So anyway, point being, you HAVE to involve your dad, I don't want you to be taking the switch plate covers off the walls and he has to not leave food stuff in his room.

You have to bait your whole house for this to work, the bait will not attract roaches to your room, they live inside of the walls, that is where you are putting the bait, and around water, damp, warm, dark, high up etc. places.

Keep in touch. Be strong, be brave. Find someone who is not afraid to help you if your dad won't. Tell him I told him he HAS to help you.

Read the 'ible again and again, click on all the photos, read the comments, don't put the bait inside the oven but instead in any cracks or small places underneath the oven. Vacuum every day. This will get really old, the vacuuming, but it does work, you will see results in only a few days.

Try getting that expanding foam to plug up any open areas underneath the sinks or where pipes come into the house - but don't get it in your hair or on your hands or clothes, and plan where you are going to use it 'cause you can't use it again once it's opened.

Also, apologies for not formatting my comment into paragraphs, I was so focused on pouring my thoughts I forgot there was a paragraphing function available.

coll28503 days ago

Once it is mixed, do we put bowls of it near all the sinks, toilets, wash tubs, and all water sources? Next to the kitchen sink or under it or both? How does this get rid of the roaches?

Ninzerbean (author)  coll28502 days ago

That is what the popsicle stick is for. In step #7 you can even see it in my fingers, applying the paste to the various places. How the paste works is explained elsewhere in the 'ible.

Thank you.. I see now I didn't know I was missing so much of your post.
Now that I see all 8 steps, its clear. Great post. Thanks so much.
charko6 days ago
I think my last post got lost. Thank you for saving me money.I'm picking up 99% boric acid in home depot today (Sunday). Will be buying a light weight vacuum cleaner.This week,in your opinion which is better bag or bagless?
Best for the coming year and thank you for the tips.
Ninzerbean (author)  charko6 days ago
I would think a bag would be stronger suction but I have no idea. I have a central vac. I'm sorry not to be able to help here. I am a believer that what ever one has the most power would be best. Maybe read reviews?
charko7 days ago
Thank you for saving me money. Did not get a chance to go to home depot today. Will go tomorrow for the boric acid. they have something called hot shot max attrax. with 99% boric acid.on line they have something called jt eaton also with 99% boric acid but thats on line only. Is boric acid boric acid or is the roach pruff the only one you recomend?
Ninzerbean (author)  charko7 days ago
Any product with a high percentage of boric acid will do. I have not heard from anyone that they were able to get it at Home Depot. Online may be different though. Roach Proof was all that I could find, it was 98% boric acid. It's just a brand name: any boric acid will be great. Be sure not to confuse it with borax, not the same and won't do any good, well not for roaches anyway.
charko8 days ago

Tried,Ortho,raid,bug barier,bug stop and raid kill on contact. stuff burns my lungs, and have to hang over an open window until i can breath again. Exterminator wants $$$ and im a senior. said it may work if not he wld come back for more bombs and have to stay away for at least 2 hrs each time. Will be going to dollar store for mixing bowls and pastic containers. Any ideas on how to keep them away from my coffee pot that is always full?

Ninzerbean (author)  charko7 days ago
See step 7. They like water, heat, dark. Bait where it is wet, dark and warm. Why do you need plastic mixing bowls? Any bowl to mix in is fine, wash it and use it for food. It's just a place to mix in.
charko8 days ago

Has anyone ever made up a bowl and stuck it in the bathroom vent space?

mlbishop6015 days ago

I am 54 and have NEVER shared my house with roaches.... until now !!!

I bought all the stuff from Walmart for roaches and even used straight Boric Acid. I have sprayed TempoSC, Permethrin, and Demon... and I still have them, not near as bad, but they are still here.. I am going to try this tomorrow...

Ninzerbean (author)  mlbishop6014 days ago
I'm convinced that just killing them is not good enough, you have to convince them to leave your place by using this bait which they bring back to the colony, some die and then the survivors tell the others.
Susitna16 days ago
I am severely allergic to insecticides and ended up here in roach HEAVEN! My long term plan is to move home ( Talkeetna Alaska), but until then I'll try your method. I will also bait bait and bomb the shipping container used for shipping our household. NO UNAUTHORIZED PETS for me! Thank you.
Ninzerbean (author)  Susitna16 days ago
Roach heaven - that's so funny. Appliances and stuff that gets plugged in is where they like to live.
I just killed the biggest roach I have ever seen ...COMING RIGHT AT ME! ACK!!! Do you have to use RICE flour? Will it be just as good to use a cheap pancake syrup? Please help! P.S. What can you do if you are terrified of them getting up on your bed and falling from the ceiling?
Thank you!
Sorry, I just saw that you answered about the flour. I thought I did read the entire thing but, shoot, I don't mind reading it again! Thank you so very much for posting this! My mom just died 2 weeks ago and I can't handle anything else right now....especially roaches. This is a new apartment for us and it looks as though there us an attic space right out our door as if it may just run the length of the breeze way....I may ask the maintenance guy to put some up there..
Can I ask you a non-related question? A friend of mine said I "had" to start a blog because it would help so many people....could you tell me how you did this?
Ninzerbean (author)  bonloveslife16 days ago
Dear bonloveslife, I'm so sorry about your mom, I can understand how fragile you must be right now. Maybe it will help you put roaches in perspective, as they are not anywhere as terrible as losing your mom.
I don't know much about writing a blog, I wish I had done that years ago about moving north to find the south but anyway.... Do you think that this 'ible is a blog? It's not. It's an instructable, this is the best place on the internet - and you found it! Instructables! Wander around, become a pro-member, share, go on the forums, write an 'ible (short for instructable) about how to deal with your mom's passing or whatever you friend wants you to write about but if you really want to do a blog, which is really set up for that - check out Square Space. I love their clean format and themes all done for you. Good luck to you.
Jenni-016 days ago
Im thinking that when i moved to my new apartment that i took some with me but not sure how because i searched everything i think they were most likely in my sons toys i didnt have the heart to throw away all of his toys because i cant replace them right away. I threw away most i kept the ones i thought were okay. But they hitched a ride and now Im wondering should i just toss everything? I hardly kept anything just pots , pans, clothes that were washed at laundromat, toys, and my dyson vacuum that i really love and hate to throw out. But its possible they are in there. I keep it outside in a heavy duty bag. And I treated the new apartment when i moved in two weeks ago with combat no results from what i can see. And I just treated with your mixture two days ago and seen about 6 today and a few yesterday. Theres no exact spot i can pin point them except the baseboards. Sorry for the double post the comment section here is a little funky i couldnt tell if it actually post or not.
Jenni-016 days ago
I tried making your mixture i didnt have any regular flour on hand so I used pancake mix hopefully that doesnt ruin the whole thing but it does have flour in it. Anyway I placed it everywhere I could think of I have a small apartment so it didnt take long I did this two days ago. Ive been seeing more lately unfortunately I have no idea where they are coming from but there is a little gap underneath my baseboards and seen that a few hang out there there is bait there now. I havent seen any dead ones and ive put combat gel out 2 weeks ago. Im getting discouraged are they like immortal or something? I'll be back to update in a few more days hopefully Ive seen some improvement. Any advice on what I can be doing other than cleaning like a crazy woman because im doing that lol
RachelS716 days ago

FOGGERS/BOMBS DO NOT WORK. DON"T WASTE YOUR MONEY. IT DOESN"T MATTER WHAT BRAND. And the roaches you think are dead, they are still alive. I was scared to pick them up so I waited a few days till I could find someone who wasn't scared. By that time, they legs were moving and they were upside down. I decided to spray before moving into my new place since it seemed like the renters before me weren't so clean. I would see them even around the house a week and so later even though it is supposed to keep them away for about 3 months.. I did find a spray I used around my house that actually worked better. I spray often just in case the water wares it away.

mizzdawn17 days ago
I seen a few roaches a week ago in my kitchen cabinet I bombed about a week ago I put one bomb in every room with door closed. When I came home after 6 hours I seen a few dead.. I cleaned them up vacuumed threw the vacuum bag away immidiatly a few days later I have been seeing them every where little one big ones dark ones light ones... I also noticed the fleas had got worse too?? I woke up today with one of them on me and that's it for me either I burn this place down or I fix it FAST..... I'm thinking about using this recipe and bombing again? Any suggestions. What's the best bomb/fogger? I want them gone asap!!!
Ninzerbean (author)  mizzdawn17 days ago
That is a good question about which fogger is the best. I really don't know as I have never had to use one. But since you have already done this, I think you need to be thinking about where they might be living - this is kind of gross, but you will have to start looking around inside, around and behind all of your appliances and game consoles and/or audio equipment.

Because it is getting cold outside they are probably moving inside and are more active than a month ago, that is why you are seeing so many right now. The same thing happens after a big rain. But until you find out where they are living in your place the fogging will not do much. You should read the comments: there is a ton of help there.

You will have to really get into the habit of vacuuming every day (until you don't see any roaches at all), getting rid of all cardboard, cleaning everything as if you were getting ready for your Italian mother-in-law to visit you and her first born son.

Once everything is perfect and seems under control, then bait. Or you can bait now of course too, but you still need to find out why they are at your place, what they are eating, where they are living. Normally I would not give advice like this but because you fogged each room and it really did no good there must be a reason. The bait in my recipe will keep you roach free for years but you need to still be proactive in the very beginning, meaning that you have to do some work yourself to get them under control.

Hope that gets you off to a good start, keep us posted on your progress.
***I seen a few roaches 2 weeks ago not one***
Ymv1318 days ago
Is 63% boric acid fine ?
Ninzerbean (author)  Ymv1317 days ago
I would not think so, there might be other stuff in there that may counteract what you are adding or maybe even kill before it can be taken back to the colony.

But then again maybe someone has simply made a version of my recipe and is marketing that. Why don't you try it and let us know if it works and what it's called.
VeraA118 days ago

I'm living in a townhouse and for the past 8 months my home is being taken over by roaches... I have tried everything bombs, Raid, and Ortho Home Defense and none of them seem to work, so tonight I'm mixing up this stuff on the page to see if this will help me.,..however I have one question where all can I put the mix and will it cause any damage to the walls? Please help

Thank you

Ninzerbean (author)  VeraA117 days ago
See step #7. It won't hurt your walls, or painted surfaces but you won't be putting it anywhere that would matter anyway. Reading the comments will help as well.
zymirmommy19 days ago
Hey I have a bad roach problem and I am going to actually try this. I hate them and I feel like they are taking over my house . One question tho .. this is an old apartment with spaces in the corners and along my apartment walls. I feel they travel through there as well . I want to cover it up . Do you think like plaster or roach gel would do the trick ?
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