In this Instructable, I am going to show you how easy it is to hit two birds with one stone when it comes to typing on your computer and Xbox 360.

Step 1: What Do You Need?

(This is only if you're in need or want of a keyboard for your computer.)

You need:
-A 360 (duh)
-A usb keyboard

Step 2: To Make It Easier..

I'm sure any USB keyboard would work, but I prefer to use my Microsoft Wireless Laser Keyboard. Not only am I keeping well clear of skrewups between Microsoft hardware and another peice of hardware, it's also wireless. (Who wants all those cables cluttering up their living space?) It costs around $35.99

Step 3: The Simplicity Is Wonderful!

Justplug it in and use it like you always do! Don't forget to connect it if it is wireless and you will be chatting on your 360, non-stop. The windows button brings you to media center.
so awesome, and you can use it as a cheap controller!<br>if you press a, its the a button( it works for all other buttons to) the arrow keys are the directional pad/left thumbstick and for windows/microsoft key boards, the windows button is the xbox thing in the middle
this is great! yes it was a simple thing to do but I had no idea it could be done at all. ironically this is just after i set up a 360 controller to be a mouse using anouther instructable.<br> my question is does anyone know what keys do I need to use to shortcut to all the vartious 360 controller buttons?
im not sure but i think my apple keyboard killed my xbox
and that's why macs suck
&nbsp;I agree.
plus you cant use internet explorer (or windows) on it
yes you can
Though not being able to use Internet Explorer is no great loss...
wellI hate macs in general, (and Apple Safari, and mozilla) but i'm getting an ipod for christmas. Even odder is the fact that i'm barly going to listen to music.
i have a keyboard that has the old pink connector can i mod that to use as a usb cable
You will want to ask someone else for verification, but I do not think so. USB keyboards use a program to translate the information they send. Pink connector keyboards work differently. USB devices are a hardware addition whereas your keyboard is more of a hardware extention.
i saw this on xbox 101 and immediately tried it. no luck on my microsoft keyboard. guess it doesnt work for any keyboard but its nice to know if i get a different keyboard<br />
I like how this is presented,<br /> Questions<br /> If I use a bluetooth dongle can I connect my Bluetooth headset?<br /> Can this process be used with a webcam also?<br />
Would this work with a wireless mouse too? If so it'd make 360 shooters so much easier to play :D
Are u kidding me it's easier with a controler than a mouse
I've never seen a Console game where the controller moved the reticule as fast and responsive as a mouse did when using a keyboard and mouse. So from personal experience, I cannot agree with you. However, if you think its easier to use a controller, power to ya; I just know what I prefer.
oh i throw my look sensitivity way up and i hate picking up the mouse to move it more. they all have advantages and diffrences
not being rude but, ever heard of a laser mouse?
i prefer PC's but i understand what disturbed means even with a laser mouse you still have to pick up the mouse after a while.<br />
I don't know if I'bles messed up but I got a message about this comment XD;; It was directed at Reaper, right?
yes,yes it was
it tells you if it is in a chain from your message
a pc gamer would smash a console gamer in the event of a 360 to pc multiplayer match, no doubt about it.
im dont want to get into anargument about which is better both have advatages and disadvantages and one thing i stated is i see a controler as an advatage
hahah, no offense dude but pc gamers would as mitchell said "Smash a console gamer" pc games are alot easier to aim and move.
i had a pc since i was three and was so used to a mouse that whenever i used a controller i would suck at everything, too slow compared to a mouse.
yeah takes less practice to move the mouse to a certain point (go ahead and try it on you computer), not to mention it can turn your screen 180 very fast. the difference is saying you would use a controller to move a cursor on the screen vs. a light gun in arcade games
Just play PC games
no i did it nothing
Hah! I wish... no, it doesn't support any kind of mouse. Even if it did, the games wouldn't.
actually you can buy a connector plug for it called the XCM XFPS 360 connects a keyboard and mouse and even has a port for the ps2 controller
Actually the other day at work (gamestop) a customer said he had a friend who wired a mouse and Keyboard to run on a 360 so he could play FPS games like PC games but he also had to hack his system :/ I was hoping this'd be an easier alternative
No, sorry
This is <strong>way </strong>too hard to attempt. You'd have to be a genius to do it!<br />
Are USB keyboads common with most computers? Or is there a certain UK shop I can get one from?
Yes! is that sarcasm????
I would buy the keypad, because it's the same price as a normal Mic, but comes with a keypad..
i use my key board instead of that messengerkit its better and faster to type it just needs to have a usb cable if you find one with a usb cable at a yard sale just clean it off and your ready to go
does this actually work?
yes it does with any keyboard and in some cases i think it works better than the tiny keyboard
Saves you some money aswell, my keyboard was £5, new, wireless, and it works great. Also you can use a bluetooth dongle and send things to your xbox with a bluetooth enabled phone... :D
The problem with this is that the is no messenger button on the bottom left, so no pop-up IM screen. That means I can't IM in midgame.
Good. But one of the main points with the chat pad is the pop up MSN messenger window you get during your gaming. You can only bring up that window with the chat pad connected
very creative XD good idea XD love that!
Intresting. Would be easier if keyboard is smaller
to be honest, i say get the messenger kit, if you have a wired control it adds a nice bit of heft to it and a wireless control becomes somewhat more balanced. plus the fact you dont have to put your control down to type and in most cases dont have to wait to reply to someone due to the speed you can type with it (with a little practice) and there is always the fact it doesnt take up a usb port. but then thats my opinion and ill stick to it
the idea behind the messanger kit is so you dont have to do this

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