Step 8: Spoon a little sauce

Spread a thin layer of the tomato sauce over the cheese.  I have canned sauce from the garden; but your favorite store sauce is perfect for this dish.
What a great idea--good job thinking outside the crust! ;-D Thank you for sharing and good luck on the contest!
Thank you and well said.
delicious <a href="http://lopay.com.ua/" rel="nofollow">pizza</a>, we would like to try
Thanks and enjoy!
Very cute idea! You could also use <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Picnic-Sandwiches-in-a-Bread-Box/" rel="nofollow">this technique for removing the bread interiors</a>. It would yield a similar result but would allow you to use the bread for sandwiches or croutons.
Thanks, yes your technique would work well here--you just have more patience than me!
Sweet Jesus....<br><br>Guess I'll have to go shopping tomorrow...<br>great i'ble!
Thanks. Let me know how it goes.
That's a good idea, or you can make a smaller pizza by lopping off the very top so when it's turned upside down, it lays flat. Thanks for choosing this as an editor's pick.
Beautiful photographs. This looks delicious! And you can use the rest of the bread for spinach artichoke dip!

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