No Sew Bottle Cap Pin Cushion





Introduction: No Sew Bottle Cap Pin Cushion

This is a really quick and easy DIY project.

You need: 
~A metal bottle cap.
~5"x5" piece of fabric.
~A rubber band.

-Place the stuffing in the center of the fabric. Gather the ends of the fabric together to form a firmly stuffed ball.
-Wrap the rubber band the around the ball and seal the cushion.
-Stuff this cushion into the bottle cap and check if it fits snugly. If not fill the cushion with some more stuffing and try again.
-Apply glue to the base and sides of the bottle cap and push the cushion into the cap.

Do leave your comments, questions or suggestions! :)



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Questions & Answers


That is awesome! Makes me think of a Dalek too :)

Thanks Penolopy!
No that you have said it, it looks like Dalek to me too!

Beautifully done ible! And your photographs are wonderful! Where do you get bottle caps like that? Does it need additional weight in the bottom?

Thanks Mole1!
I got the bottle cap from a fruit concentrate bottle. (This)

If you wish, you can add some weight into the bottle cap before sticking the cushion in.

Rooh Afzah , Aur Kiya Chahiyay

روح افزاٰ ---اور کیا چاہیٰے۔

How difficult would it be to add a small magnet in the cap below the cushion?

So simple but so clever - gonna do this for sure! Thank you.