Picture of No-Sew Fabric Scrap Tutu
I made this above after seeing the a cute fabric scrap tutu on Pinterest.  It's such a cute, girly way to use up fabric scraps.  The link to the original on Etsy doesn't work anymore and I couldn't find one just like it searching on Etsy (so if you're reading this and it's yours, let me know so I can give you proper credit!).  Since I couldn't find it online, I came up with a quick, easy tutorial to make your own.

Step 1: Step: Gathering and Preparing your Materials

Picture of Step: Gathering and Preparing your Materials
What you'll need:

-3/8" Elastic cut to 4" smaller than model's waist (it stretches A LOT while you tie the fabric on.  I had to cut some out of mine)
-Strips of fabric 2" wide by double the length of your model's measurement from waist to knee (so for my daughter who measures 10" from waist to knee, my strips were 2" x 20")
-Pinking shears to cut the strips of fabric
-Fabric scraps to make a fabric flower
DaddysGal225 months ago
This is so cool!! So gonna make this for my two month old cousin!!
I am so using this for my hatters costume thanks super cool