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This instructable shows you how to make a no-sew tutu for a toddler or a dress for baby. You've gotta love the wardrobe colors of Frozen's Anna and Elsa. This instructable uses that color scheme to make a very pretty skirt for a special little lady.

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Step 1: Materials

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This skirt is for a 3 year old for a Frozen - themed birthday. You can customize this to any color to fit your theme.

I used 2 yards of glitter aqua tulle, 2 yards of glitter blue tulle and 2 yards of magenta tulle.

You will also need scissors and a crocheted head band.

Optional is a glitter foam sheet and 3/8" satin ribbon.

Step 2: Strips

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I used two lengths of strips to make this skirt.

The length may vary depending on the height of your toddler.

the longest strip of mine, when doubled over was 16" long and the shorter strip was 10" after it was doubled over.

Start with strips 1.5" wide 32" and 20" long.

Step 3: Threading the Strips

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The tulle really compresses and is easy to thread. To make the skirt fuller you can gather two strips when looping to build up the longer layer of the skirt.

You will be feeding your tulle through the bottom row of your crochet head band. Start by making a bunny ear loop. Feed that through one hole on the bottom row. Feed the tail end back through the bunny ear and pull tight. The tulle will stay in place. Skip every other hole with the longer lengths on the bottom row. Go around the bottom row completely. Then, go up one row on the crocheted head band but only loop one of the shorter lengths on every hole all the way around.

Remember to alternate your colors to get a good mixture.

Step 4: Snowflakes

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To make your snowflake start by cutting round circles from the glitter foam. They can be different sizes and they don't have to be perfect circles.

The cut small triangles all around the edges of the circle.

Carefully cut two parallel slits in the middle of the snowflake.

Step 5: Threading the Snowflakes

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Use your scissors edge and a guide and push a piece of tulle through one slit in your slowflake.

I started from back to front. Flip the snowflake around and push the tulle through the second hole. Pull your tulle all the way through and knot it on the end.

It looks nice to stagger your snowflakes at different lengths along the whole skirt.

Try to scatter them evenly as you are applying them.

Step 6: Let Your Little One Wear and Play

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You can tie a satin ribbon bow on the skirt for a finishing touch.

The headband stretches quite a bit. It would make a fun skirt for toddlers to play in or a cute dress for a baby's photo.

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How cute! I sort of want to make a grown-up sized one for myself! haha

Abigail02 (author)2014-06-09

That's adorable!!!

bagnitsch (author)Abigail022014-06-09

Thank you.

Penolopy Bulnick (author)2014-06-09

This is so adorable! Tutus are the best!

Thanks ^_^

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