Picture of No Sew Mermaid Costume DIY

Crochet Elastic Tutu waistband in desired color : Think of these as a bigger version of the crochet elastic headbands. These are a little difficult to find. I got mine from Kissyfacecreations here. The larger one will work well for 4-7 year olds. For smaller kids buy smaller bands. These headbands are very stretchable so one size would fit many.
6 inches X 100 yd Tulle Rolls in desired colors:  I got mine from here.
6 inches x 25 yd : Tulle roll in coordinating color ( optional)
Coordinating ribbon scraps
Fake flower in coordinating colors

Approximate Time:
4 to 6 hours depending on the costume and embellishments chosen.

$20 Approximately
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Step 1:

Fold the waistband in half and try on the child. It should be a snug fit but not uncomfortable. Now measure from the waistband end to the desired length of the dress. ( you have to keep in mind the costume you are making for determining this. mermaid costume will hit right at the toe, princess dress could fall anywhere below the knee to the ankle a fairy dress like Tinkerbell would be short and stay above knees, the ballerina dress would be even shorter staying on the thighs, so take measurements accordingly). Lets call this length L

Step 2:

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Making the Tutu and Pettiskirt

Most important first step: Put on your favorite TV show or at least your favorite music. You are going to be cutting and tying tulle for a while here, so you want to be entertained during the time. Do not skip this step if you want to complete the costume before this year's Halloween.
Take the 100 yard tulle roll and cut out strips of length L1 = (L+1) * 2 inches.

Step 3:

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Keep cutting until you finish the roll, or have at least 30-40 strips cut.

Step 4:

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Now fold the strip in half and thread it from one of the crochet holes at the edge of waistband. Thread the folded end inside out as shown in the picture above.
That's adorable, but mermaids don't have feet, they have fins. LOL. I'd maybe change the title perhaps? Other than that, GREAT JOB! :)
That is so cute! I love the colors you used :)