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Introduction: No Sew Pac Man Ghost Finger Puppets

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Today I went to NYC and went to the FAO Schwartz.  What an amazing place, all the displays and toys.  I even got myself Make Your Own Doll.  When I got home, I was inspired to make some puppets.  These are a No Sew approach to finger puppets.  I had left over Towel material from the Puppy Towel Robe that were perfect ghost shapes, so I looked up Pac Man Ghost and made the blue ones (You know the ones that come after you eat the big pill).  The towel material is nice and thick so it makes a warm finger puppet to play with during these cold months to come.  This instructable has a three approach to the eyes.

Pac Man Body:
Towel Material
Glue Gun / Stick

Eyes 1:
White Felt

Eyes 2:
White Felt
Blue Felt

Eyes 3:
White Ribbon
Glitter Glue

All Eyes:
Hot Glue Gun / Stick

Step 1: Make the Body - Cut

The towel should be cut as a half oval shape.  The length is as long as the top part of your finger, and the width is about 1 inch more then your finger width.  You will need two half ovals per Pac Man Ghost.  Put the two halves together and cut triangles off the bottom to complete the Ghost shape.

Step 2: Make the Body - Glue

Glue along the edge the two halves together.  No sewing required, yay!

Step 3: Make the Eyes - Eyes Approach # 1 Felt and Buttons

Cut the white felt into semi-small circles (slightly larger then your buttons).  Then glue the semi-small circles to the upper middle of the Ghost body.  Then glue the buttons to the white circles.

Step 4: Make the Eyes - Eyes Approach # 2 Felt and Felt

Cut the white felt into a semi-small circle.  Glue the white semi-small circles to the upper middle of the body.  Then cut the blue felt into a smaller circle and glue to the white.

Step 5: Make the Eyes - Eyes Approach # 3 Ribbon and Glitter Glue

The ribbon is shaped like wavelengths.  I cut the ribbon at one wave length, then glued to the upper middle body with the open part up.  Then I used the glitter glue to make small dots at the bottom of the wavelength.



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    Thanks. You think it might get featured? If only you can see them they're adorable. I'm thinking of getting yellow felt to make the Pac Man guy next.

    Your taking much better pictures and that is important. I don't have time tonight to look at your instructions until tomorrow. I will take a peek and give input then. If you get a lot of interest which you may because these types of things are popular here. You never know.

    Thanks I appreciate it. I just knew when I saw the shape of the scraps it had to be these little guys and not just regularly decorated puppets.

    You should try some angry birds and square pants. I don't have TV so not sure what they are all about but I see them everywhere.