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My kittens are very soft and sweet (don't tell Coco I said so - she's a fierce warrior kitten!), and they deserve a soft, sweet place to sleep.  These beds are so easy and quick to make, you can easily assemble one while watching your favorite half-hour tv show (make it a guilty pleasure one - it's all the more sweet).  

All you need is a yard of fabric, a bag of stuffing, and a pair of scissors, and you're on your way to making a custom pet bed!  I used two different patterns for each of my beds, but you can definitely make one from just one yard in one print.  I had enough left to make two more beds!  Speaking of which:

Leave me an adorable picture of your pet in the comments below and I'll choose the two most squee-worthy to send handmade beds from the remaining fabrics!  Deadline : end of 2011.

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
I used 1 yard each of two different prints of fleece per bed.  One yard will actually make two of the size I have, but you may want to make yours bigger or smaller!

Also some batting to fill it.  I used less than one of these bags to fill two.

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scoochmaroo (author) 3 years ago
I used Random Line Picker to compile all of our entries here and from the Scoochmaroo Facebook page and choose two winners.  

Congratulations to:

katieff and MsJaxFla

Screen shot 2012-01-01 at 2.40.34 PM.png
vs_shine made it!3 months ago
My puppy loves his! Thanks for the instructions!
LynoraM3 months ago
KoreenaR made it!7 months ago

Old Time Pottery was having a sale on their throws for $1.98 each so I just took two, cut them in half and shaved them down a bit to each fit over a few old bed pillows I have. They LOVE them! Thank you so much for the idea/instructions!

Luv2cook748 months ago


catlily1 year ago
What an amazing cat bed!

It's really cute and if love to try it.

Could you make an inscrutable on how to make it have a roof? My cat looooves beds with roofs


ffcabral1 year ago
I almost died of adorable after I saw those photos :D Love this instructable and the cat is so cute.
My one cat carries it around in his mouth (even in the liter box)
Volcora2 years ago
Aaaw, how cute! Both cats had a "what are you looking at?" Pic
Wynd2 years ago
I love this idea :D I'm going to buy some older duvets from the thrift stores to stuff some of these beds for my [big] dogs :D
Wynd2 years ago
I love this idea :D I'm going to buy some older duvets from the thrift stores to stuff some of these beds for my [big] dogs :D
jmsdo3 years ago
I made a double sided comforter with this techinique and it worked great. Our household has many animals and beds get filthy. I think I will adapt this instructable by stuffing and old pillow case and sewing it shut, or creating a custom size larger bed from sheets or extra fabic. Stuff the case full and use the fleece as a washable cover!
mary candy3 years ago
Easy and cool project.
agis683 years ago
excellent project and idea. my cats gonna love it, when i make it!
HMice3 years ago
Um, no offense but the competition is meant to be sew something warm yet this is a NO SEW pet bed..........Still I love the idea and looks awesome
HMice3 years ago
My cute pup at Christmas!
Kitty like
Picture or Video 001.jpg
Charms09723 years ago
i can haz bed?
That kitten is ridiculous cute. Love the little "gloves"
scoochmaroo (author) 3 years ago
All of your photos are too cute by far!!! Thank you all for your participation. I will be announcing the winners soon!
MsJaxFla3 years ago
I love this bed and all of mine need new beds, but they must wait till I can save enough money to catch up on our property taxes.

I will tell all you gal's that still have to dress for work. SAVE all your nylon (really polyester) ankle, knee high, trouseur socks and panty hose to use for the stuffing. All you do is take a pair of scissors and cut them up. And if you have an old pillow case or one you don't like you can use that for the form, so you don't have to wash the stuffing every time. You can hand stitch it together quickly with semi long running stitches and them cover it with the great fleece fabric and tie that.

I have five, yes 5 kitty kats and the two grand babies have never had their own beds. And my darling little girl would so love her very own. Also have three grown up pups. And one MIA Rufus Pup.

IM000824.JPGIM000201.JPGIM000586.JPGIM000201.JPGIM000524 (2).JPGIM000200.JPG
Here is my big old 8 year old who hogs my bed and needs her own!!
Sooie 1.jpgsooie 2.jpg
Charms09723 years ago
I can haz bed?
videogame573 years ago
I just love your cat, so cute. :D
Cute! Great idea!
michelle153 years ago
My kitten, Zissou, looks very similar to your kitten! Here's some pics of him when he was really young, though his raccoon tail is not so vibrant in these shots. He's also a very fierce warrior kitten. :D
iPod pics 12-27-11 011.JPGiPod pics 12-27-11 004.JPG
Jubjubes3 years ago
Picture one is Maggie and Boots when he was still little.

Picture two is him in a pile of pillows, he put himself there, I walked into the room and he was like that, so cute!

Picture three is just Boots and me.

P.S. His real name is Rocko and if I win I'll give the bed to my neighbor who volunteers for a street cat rescue cause my dogs are too big for it.

Lookingatyou.pngPhoto 2011-11-30 12 20 44 PM.jpgRockoandJulie.jpg
Susan5123 years ago
This is a wonderful idea! My pets would love these beds!
mobiledeb3 years ago
Absolutely mind blowing awesome idea! Even I, the all thumbs person, could manage this me thinks 8) Thank you for the idea.
efitts3 years ago
Thanks! Gidget's going to have one soon!
zippydogs3 years ago
Pick me, pick me.
i love the dino fabric
fireballxl53 years ago
Our dachshund really needs a bed of his own.
xiambam3 years ago
Lovely Instructable. Here's my bunny wearing a leash and doggy under a blanket. :P
KCSCAMP3 years ago
I don't know if my 3 furbabies will give up their part of my bed, but I do believe I will give it a try...
and I have two 4 mth old, and one about 11 mths old that live outside...and I was trying to come up with something that will warm them and that I can toss in the washer....I do believe that this is just the thing!!
Thanks so much.
ALL are rescues...or strays
pictures are...Taco 20 lbs... 8yrs
Seven 6-1/2 lb... 8 yrs
Sassy 10 lb...8 yrs (has seizures) :-(
the outside ones...only have 1 orange and 1 torty
the larger black and white one is "Cookie" the little ones
half brother...their mother is the calico w/babies--she has mostly
moved somewhere else, but does come back for food some times
from camera 004.JPG100_0633.JPG100_0635.JPG100_0657.JPG
superdumb3 years ago
I've made a bunch of cozy people blankets like this but it never occured to me to stuff them… clever!

Fluffy, Tick Tock and Stella would all love to have cushy beds.
skiffe3 years ago
dagaherz skiffe3 years ago
Pet's torture... You can NOT win the contest!!! poor little pretty cat
I am in the contest for the bed too!!! so I must criticize the opponents
dagaherz3 years ago
Here you are: the promissed photo
The bed is mine!!!
I wanna mean... the bed is for Kei
Kei 01.jpgKei 02.jpg
katieff3 years ago
Those are really creative - thanks for lifehacker for sending me your way! My pugs love to snuggle up in their beds - here's some cute pics of Mae (fawn) and Ringo (black) for your enjoyment!
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