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Introduction: No Sew Pet Bed

My kittens are very soft and sweet (don't tell Coco I said so - she's a fierce warrior kitten!), and they deserve a soft, sweet place to sleep.  These beds are so easy and quick to make, you can easily assemble one while watching your favorite half-hour tv show (make it a guilty pleasure one - it's all the more sweet).  

All you need is a yard of fabric, a bag of stuffing, and a pair of scissors, and you're on your way to making a custom pet bed!  I used two different patterns for each of my beds, but you can definitely make one from just one yard in one print.  I had enough left to make two more beds!  Speaking of which:

Leave me an adorable picture of your pet in the comments below and I'll choose the two most squee-worthy to send handmade beds from the remaining fabrics!  Deadline : end of 2011.

Step 1: Materials

I used 1 yard each of two different prints of fleece per bed.  One yard will actually make two of the size I have, but you may want to make yours bigger or smaller!

Also some batting to fill it.  I used less than one of these bags to fill two.

Step 2: Cut Shape

Decide what size bed you want and add at least 8" all the way around.  This is because we are going to cut 4" strips to tie together.

It's easiest if you cut the two layers at the same time. That way they'll be sure to line up perfectly!

First I cut the selvage edge from the fleece - it has the test printing on it.

Then I cut the fleece to half its width. 

Step 3: Cut Fringe

Next I measured 4" in from each corner and laid a ruler across this line. 

I cut a slit every inch until it reached the ruler.  This was much easier than drawing a bunch of lines first.  (See picture 2)

You will end up cutting out the corner pieces.  (See picture 3)

Step 4: Knot

Starting at one corner. tie the two sides together strip by strip.  Use a double knot to make sure it doesn't come undone. 

Tie together all of the strips, leaving an opening large enough to stuff with the batting.

Step 5: Stuff

Fill the bed with batting and tie off remaining strips.  

You're finished!  All that's left is to introduce your pet to its new bed.  Hope you both enjoy!

Step 6: One Last Thing. . .

In case you missed it in the introduction,  I have enough fabric left to make two more pet beds.  So leave me a picture of your pet being adorable (your own personal, original photographs pleeze!) in the comments here or on my Facebook Page before the end of 2011, and I just might choose you to receive one!  This is just a gift from me, so everyone is eligible!
(recipients will be chosen at random)

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I love this idea for my 6 year old girl scout troop. One question though, are these washable or does it just depend on the fabric used. We'd be making them for the local animal shelter and they can only use washable bedding. Thanks so much!

I would use a real pillow with a pillow cover, then make the outside with the back side slit in the middle to take on and off for washing. :)

Is this washable?

I would use a real pillow with a pillow cover, then make the outside with the back side slit in the middle to take on and off for washing. :)

Thanks so much for the awesome idea and instructions!! I ran across some XXL fleece pajamas at the thrift store in a really cute print that I thought would make some awesome cat beds. I'm not really into sewing though so I was hoping to find some ideas for "no sew" pet beds. This is perfect!!

What an amazing cat bed!

It's really cute and if love to try it.

Could you make an inscrutable on how to make it have a roof? My cat looooves beds with roofs


I almost died of adorable after I saw those photos :D Love this instructable and the cat is so cute.