No Sew Pin Sharpening Pincushion





Introduction: No Sew Pin Sharpening Pincushion

I was going to title this "World's Best No Sew Pin Sharpening Pincushion!" but I felt it was too long and pompous.

This is however, a very easy instructable. It will take you longer to read it than to actually do it! I was in need of a pin cushion and this was the result.

Step 1: Materials

1 cloth zippered cosmetics bag
1 small box of steel wool pads

I was able to get these at the dollar store.

Pins are pictured, but I'm guessing you have them if you are making this project.

Step 2: Making the Cushion.

Unzip the bag. Place the steel wool pads inside, starting at the corners and continuing until full. Zip the bag closed. Fluff and flatten to your liking.

The steel wool pads will sharpen pins and needles as it is used.

Step 3: That's It!

I said it was easy....



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This is just what I was looking for, and it will be quick, simple, and easy to do. All of my sewing pins have become dull and pull threads when going through light-weight fabrics. About the moisture issue, I would imagine it would not hurt a bit to put a little desiccant bag into the makeup bag with the steel wool to keep moisture away from the steel wool pads. You can often find these in bottles of vitamins, so if it keeps them from dissolving due to moisture, I think this would work for keeping steel wool dry. Also, I have to think the soap on the steel-wool pads would help to clean the pins since sometimes they get sticky when using them with fusible interfacing, tacky glue, and other such things.

Great idea, but would using just steel wool pads without the soap residue work just as well or better? I ask, because I know those steel-wool with added soap get awfully messy and rusty, perhaps even just with the moisture from local humidity. Thanks for your great post and idea.

Either will work, since the pads with soap are not going to be wet. You should have your sewing supplies in a cool dry place,due to rust and mold. But if humidity is a present issue, I definitely would recommend the pads without soap.

When I was gathering materials for this instructable, the dollar store did not have regular steel wool pads.