Picture of No Sew Script Scarf
scarf 01.jpg
Sewing is great and fun and wonderful and all that, but sometimes, don’t you just want to whip something up, quick and easy, without worrying if you’re going to sew your seams backwards and inside out? Because we all have those days. Crafting up something pretty doesn’t always require sewing. This tutorial will show you how to whip up this gorgeous no-sew scripted scarf in a blink, made personal by using your own handwriting!
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Step 1: The Materials

Picture of The Materials
To start, you’ll need:
  • One yard square of a jersey knit or other light non-fraying fabric
  • Sheer mesh cutaway or water-soluble stabilizer, depending on embroidery design
  • Light-stitching embroidery design (try checking out this section at Urban Threads) I’m using the raven scissors for my crafty-themed scarf. Don't have an embroidery machine? Don't fret. You can do it by hand or just skip it.
  • Scissors
  • Bleach pen (like we used here) You’ll need more than one if you want to write on your whole scarf. One bleach pen will do about one half of a yard wide scarf.
  • Rubber gloves
It’s best since we’re working with bleach that you have a ventilated area to do part of this project in.

Step 2: Testing the bleach

Picture of Testing the bleach
If you have any excess fabric, it’s always best to test out your bleach pen to see what kinds of results you’ll get, and how long they take. For some reason I find a lot of dark fabrics bleach a reddish color, instead of the white you’d expect. This was my little writing test. It also helps you practice writing letters with the pen.

After a minute or two, rinse off your bleach (use your gloves!) and check your results. Remember, it will be a lot brighter after your fabric has dried.
catschwamm3 months ago

Hi, I don't understand how it connects in the back? How does it go from square to scarf? I think you fold it in half to be a triangle, do all the edges, and.....I don't understand the other part. I really want to make this so let me kno what i'm missing, thanks!

Dardaro2 years ago
i've never heard about bleach pen, nice scarf by the way
Very cute! I love the embroidery stitching overlapping the words :)