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Introduction: No Sew Travel Kit DIY

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For my vacation, I wanted to carry my toiletries and found that I always used a cover or
bag to carry them. However, it was not a good way to take them, it might spill, get broken etc. I have seen a lot of Travel kit DIY and wanted to make a simple one. This one shows a "No Sew Travel KIT" DIY. More to the steps!

Step 1: Materials Required

A Hand towel
Fabric glue


Step 2:

Take your towel and fold your towel so that 1/3rd is folded over the remaining 2/3rd of the towel.

Step 3:

Place your toiletries over the towel to see how they can be accommodated

Step 4:

Now add a drop of fabric glue where you want the towel to be divided (or use a tailor chalk to mark)

Step 5:

Now, take a ruler and apply glue till the end. (I didn’t use a ruler as I went well with a straight line :) )

Step 6:

Now glue them and let it dry. Place some heavy objects on top of the towel. I left it for around 2 hours.
Now place all your items and roll over. (Just glue ribbon to the outside towel – this is optional!)

This is how it looks now…

Step 7:

Open them when you want to use them :) Roll over when you carry them :)

I carried some bigger bottles, but the stitches never got opened !!
Hope you find this DIY helpful! :) Please vote me if you like this post!

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    20 Discussions

    So useful! Thanks for sharing ill make it right now


    2 years ago

    Hey this is so simple and elegant! Thanks for sharing this brilliant no-sew hack!

    1 reply

    The roll will become very thick.

    I think with fabric glue it won't melt or wash away when wet, but be sure to apply a generous amount to ensure it gets through the towel. Simple 'ible! Nice job

    1 reply

    Oh, and will the fabric glue loosen if it gets moist? The one advantage to sewing the compartments is that you can use the cloth on your face or wash out spilled toiletries.

    1 reply

    Hi ashley, I have washed it once (by hand) and the stitches are still clear. Just to be clear, I washed it very soft. But I guess yeah, with more washing there are chances that the glue may loosen its effect. As jeanniel said, a generous amount will do the work!! :)

    Nicely done. These are great gifts for friends who travel! I made a few for xmas last year after seeing the idea on Etsy. You can also sew ribbon right into the end of the roll to use as the tie.

    1 reply