My oldest son wanted to be "Two-Face" from Batman (aka Harvey Dent) for Halloween this year.

As the eight-year old that he was when I wrote this Instructable, his main exposure to Two-Face was the LEGO Batman Video Game.

I searched and searched the web to find a pre-made costume, as I am a busy working mommy that has way too many commitments. I didn't have any luck with a quick on-line purchase so instead of asking him to change his mind, I decided to make him one.

This is the Instructable that describes how I made his costume.

It took me about eight (8) hours to paint, iron, wash, and dry the suit (that's not including the 24-hour mentioned dry time here and there) and about 30-minutes to put his make-up on. I also estimate the total cost to be around $60.00, as I had a few of the items in my craft stash.

He loved it and to me, that was the only thing that mattered.

Step 1: Research on Two Face

Here on Instructables, there is a really good tutorial for an adult version of the Two Face Costume, obviously scarier than my version:
Two faced Harvey make up and costume by Sarah_hoyle

I researched the web and found a pretty cool kids version that just wasn't what I was looking for, but I would have used it for back-up if I couldn't get the costume you see in this Instructable right. At the bottom of this blog post (BabyCenter Blog,) the author shows a pretty easy way to make a costume using electrical tape and sewing different clothes pieces together.

I go into more detail for the fairly simple make-up I did for his face in Step 11. He wanted a version of the Tommy Lee Jones-styled Harvey Dent make up, and I wanted to go with more of the Lego Batman Version. I did the make-up so we compromised on the color (more purple/grey) and did the make-up with the stretched out lips.

The photos are tagged with the website name source and of course, all my research was for personal use only.

The main reason for the photos was to look at the black and white suit used in the Lego version of two-face. Turns out that the suit also appears on Batman: The Animated Series. Most of the photos you see in this Step are from that show.

Step 2 begins the process of acquiring and making the suit.

You are an EPIC parent and your son and the outfit look amazing.
Thank you so much for your kind words! =)
<p>I am so glad I found this page!! My son has decided he wants to be two-face for Halloween this year and I have been looking all over the place for a pre-made costume (as I am NOT very crafty) but have had no luck. I was able to find a white suit jacket and pants at the thrift store and was going to attempt to dye each half black but am going to use your suggestion of using the paint instead. I'll be thrilled if my attempt turns out half as good as yours!!</p>
Oh thank you for telling me! YAY that it might actually help someone else.<br>Please post a photo when you finish it.<br>DeAndra
<p>why does the cartoon two face have hair? wouldn't it burn off?</p>
<p>I am in no means a batman expert, but in the original movies and cartoons I grew up watching in the 90's, Two-Face always had hair. It was always messy or discolored in some way, but it was there. From the movies in the 90's, Harvey Dent was disfigured from acid, not really burned, which in theory, could leave hair. </p><p>The cool thing about comic book characters and all things cos-play is that you can make anything up because it's not real. I think the different colored hair in the cartoon makes the character more likable, and not really that scary, unlike his counterpart in the new Batman movies.</p><p>That's my opinion anyway! Good luck with any research on it. Fun topic to talk about too. =)</p>
<p>aahhh, the costume is kinda cute and I can totally see why two face could have hair 1)its a LOT less scary for kids (even in a cartoon) and for a costume you wouldn't want to shave your kids hair off!</p>
<p>i love it! it is amazing!</p>
That's great! I was Two-Face this year (sort of...!) We should have gone trick-or-treating together!&nbsp;<br> <br> <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Impressionist-TWO-FACE-Costume/" rel="nofollow">https://www.instructables.com/id/Impressionist-TWO-FACE-Costume/</a><br>
Thank you! I love the inspiring words!
That's a great job you did on that costume! Couple of questions, though... 1. How much did the costume cost to make ( a rough guess will suffice). 2. What kind of coin did you use to finish the outfit?
Thank you for the kind words! <br>Total with make-up (because we did not already own it) and the size of his suit was on sale on the internet, it cost about $60. The coin he used is an American quarter, but we probably would have used an American 50-cent piece if we had one.
This is a great idea. I need to remember this one for next year.
Thank you! I hope you post a photo of the finished product if you do.... =)
Aww! Thank you!
Very Impressive. looks good!!
Thank you so much!
That looks labor-intensive.....but AWESOME!
Thank you!

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