Picture of No Sew (or Knit!) Yarn Infinity Scarf Tutorial
This is a wonderfully Easy DIY No Sew Yarn Scarf tutorial!

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Step 1: What You Will Need

Picture of What You Will Need
What You Will Need:
-Yarn that is 5-7 oz. (5 ounces of Yarn will make a thinner scarf like the white or green scarf shown above. 7 ounces of Yarn will make a thicker one like the red scarf)
-Two Chairs (or one if you want a scarf that doesn't loop around your neck)
-Fabric (use an old shirt, skirt, or any type of scrap fabric)
-Heat and Bond (Found at any local craft store. OR use a glue gun)
-Iron (Only if you choose to use heat and bond to glue your fabric)
-Ruler (optional)

Step 2: Lets Begin

Picture of Lets Begin
1. Start by setting two chairs side by side

2. Wrap the yarn around the back of the two chairs once and tie a knot

3. Now.... wrap, wrap, wrap, and wrap....

4.Try to wrap the yarn tight around the chairs... and keep wraping until the ball of yarn is almost gone.

Step 3: Knot the end of the Yarn

Picture of Knot the end of the Yarn
1. When you are done wrapping take the end of the last wrapped piece and tie it to the first knot you made when you began

Step 4: Take Wrapped Yarn off Chairs

Picture of Take Wrapped Yarn off Chairs
1. Take the wrapped yarn off of the chairs, twist it a couple of times, then lay it on the floor.

2. Make a triangle with it.

3. Cut three pieces of yarn and tie them around each corner of the triangle
laece made it!10 months ago

Super easy! Love this. I used Ribbon instead of the fabric and I sewed it shut. Not as pretty as laying it flat and gluing it, I must admit!

Thank you for this!

kammplayer1 year ago
omg going in my favorites
consumit3 years ago
This one goes directly to my last minute gift arsenal.
Cool шарфик. Simply charm. Long ago wanted to learn to do such beauty by the hands.
So pretty! Love the amount of texture it adds. :)