Step 5: Add Scrap Fabric to Scarf

Picture of Add Scrap Fabric to Scarf
1. Cut out three pieces of fabric.

-The fabric pieces should be at least 3-4 inches wide.
-As far as length, cut it as long as you need so you can wrap it around the scarf to hid the knots you just made.

2. Cut a piece of Heat and Bond that is as wide as your fabric.

3. Cut off any extra yarn after making your knot, then lay your strip of fabric right side down under one of the knots 

4.Wrap the fabric tightly around the scarf.

5. Place a strip of Heat and Bond under the flap and iron for 5 seconds to seal it.

**Same instructions go for people using a hot glue gun. Glue down the fabric you just wrapped

6. Do this to Each Corner you Tied off