Placemats. Those fancy textiles hidden somewhere between table cloths, stemware, and dinner plates. But as far entertaining goes, placemats really help set the venue and mood for a great meal time experience!

Here is a simple tutorial on how to make your own placemats without the need for a sewing machine! Simple, fast and with a great pay off, if you've ever folded an envelope closed, you'll breeze through this fun DIY!

Step 1: Gather Supplies

For this project you will need

- Fusible bonding web. I used 5/8 inch thick, but any width under an inch will do. Make sure its machine washable.
- an Iron (+ ironing board)
- Scissors or rotary cutter
- ruler
- fabric. I suggest 100% cotton for easy cleaning. For 4 placemats, 1.5 yards should be plenty.
<p>this is great. the only thing i would do differently is add a sturdy backing!</p>

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