Picture of Easy No-Slip Heel Mod
I love getting new heels, but sometimes the insole is just a bit too slippery. Especially if you're wearing stockings or pantyhose.

With this quick mod, you can make your favorite heels a bit more stable in 10 minutes using only some scrap fabric and spray adhesive. So quit worrying and start walking tall.

Step 1: Measure and make initial cuts

Picture of Measure and make initial cuts
You will need some scraps of strong fabric that are at least the size of your feet. Don't go for anything silky or thin, as that will probably not make much of a change.  And don't go for a thicker fabric like felt, as that will alter the fit of the shoe. Pull a Goldilocks, and find a fabric that's just right.

This yellow fabric I found was about the thickness of tee-shirt cotton, but with a bit more texture. 

Using some chalk, a pencil, or a pen (if you don't care about the marks), roughly trace the outline of your foot.  Cut out.
Daethian7 months ago

Dealing with this exact thing today! Got some gorgeous new heels for Christmas and the insoles are like crazy slick and my feet are sliding forward. Driving in I was trying to think of a way to make my own non slippery insole since I've tried everything on the market and they all fail. Great idea! I was thinking of using the non slip foam stuff that you put under rugs to keep them from slipping but wasn't sure about adhesive.

2latinaz3 years ago
Great mod, will be doing so myself. You're brave for posting. These instructables tend to bring out the creeps.
Laugh Out Loud. Your comment is right on the money, unfortunately.
iamgale3 years ago
This is so great! I would never have thought of it. I'm going to try this on all my slippery shoes. Thanks!
kumiko3 years ago
Nice idea. Could you just spray the entire insole and glue it on all at once instead of spraying it in two sections and risk getting glue onto the shoe?
xavec3 years ago
this is excellent! I will definitely be trying this with my favourite shoes!
Mimikry3 years ago
what about using a anti-slip mat? - I think that could be quite comfy because it's soft--- hmmmm have to try it :)
divah Mimikry3 years ago
I imagine it would be too thick, plus the waffle weave texture would probably get very uncomfortable faster than the bunny hop.
sarawelder3 years ago
Brilliant Ible.. easy and there is a great need for this!!! would stop feet sticking to shiny insoles too.. a plus!
uses_tools3 years ago
You could change step 3 and avoid the overspray to the shoe by spraying glue on the whole insole first, put some wax paper over if - it will not change the stickyness of the glue - and then remove the wax paper in small steps during installation in the shoe. Nice instructable!
Helder4u3 years ago
I had to stop and read because of Your pretty legs :D

Good idea with with this mod too, would help a lot for slippery high heels.
diana chu3 years ago
Thank you! I was going to give away a new pair of shoes. I was wondering if I could use sand paper to scratch the slippery insoles but this is a very good idea. Also wearing extra insoles was weird and uncomfortable. Gracias.
Carleyy3 years ago
Super easy shoe mod! I will definitely use this next time I wear heels with stockings!