World's Best Shoe Knot





Introduction: World's Best Shoe Knot

Here's a quick instructional video that shows how to tie your shoes so that the knot won't slip, but but will still pull loose when you want it to. This method is especially great for parents who find themselves constantly tieing a kid's shoe.



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    Damn, beat me to it.... Good instructable. I've been doing this for about four years and have had my shoes come untied maybe five times. I have to agree that it really works great for kids, my seven year old ties his this way too. As for the round laces slipping, I haven't had that problem but the round laces I have are not really stiff so I can't say any more than that.

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    Nice video! I've been using this knot for around 15 years. I started using it on my hiking boots. Now it's the only knot I tie.

    iv'e never tied my shoes that way. Iv'e done bunny ears all my life, and a couple years ago I changed to double bunny ear.

    one of my friends showed me this a few days ago and ive been doing it ever since. oh and where did you get your shoes i have been looking for the same pair forever but i cant find them for a reasonable price =P. please tell me

    Nicely done. Showing Instructables would be awesome as well, this video was amazing. Great job!

    This knot is great and that's a good demo. Knotting is very hard to describe in words and still pictures, and good videos seem to be hard to make. Yours is good. I would back off on the guarantee. I have a pair of Florsheim wing-tips with stiff round laces. Those are the only laces I've seen that slip right out of this knot. The normal flat laces will stay tied, though. This is the knot every parent should be taught at their pre-parenting classes.