No Soldering!!Cheap Burning Altoid Laser!!!





Introduction: No Soldering!!Cheap Burning Altoid Laser!!!

This is a burning blue laser made in an altoids tin.
The parts were $43 total and this laser, is BEAST!!

1. Altoids tin- $3
2. Laser module-$38

4. Battery pack-0.91

This is the instructional video: this was made by styropyro and I credit him

Step 1: Tools

You will need...
Soldering iron(optional)
Drill/ dremel
Electrical tape

Step 2: How to Put It Together

Tie 1 red wire to one side of the switch and the other to the other side. Solder if possible.
Tie the 2 black wires together and cover with electrical tape if you can't solder. Then, drill a hole in the altoid tin for the module. Then drill another for the switch.

Step 3: Done!!

Now that you're done, you press the switch and the laser will come out!(Be sure the battery pack switch is turned to on) always be sure to wear safety goggles!!!

If you want to see the more descriptive instructions, watch the video,

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Thanks in advance!!



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    Perfect thing to show off to my friends... I will just have to make sure that they wear safety goggles, no questions asked. I hope my mom doesn't get mad at me if I accidentally burn the wall.

    What wattage laser is a burning laser

    50 mw but wear laser safety googles

    Sweet, Thank you

    You could always get a green module for like $5-25 and just turn the potentiometer for extra power. If you want a link, just ask

    While this would probably work, you run the significant risk of burning out the diode, and a guaranteed chance of shortening the overall life span of the diode.

    While it is great of you share the thing you've made, I do have some strong concerns with this instructable.

    1) The output of the diode you've used and recommended is beyond the range of what is generally considered safe to use with no eye protection, and is sufficiently powerful to cause permanent damage, if not blindness. This is made worse by the fact that it is within the blue light range, which has has been shown to be more harmful to eyes than other wavelengths.
    Yet nowhere at all is eye safety or protection mentioned. This concerns me deeply, as even a near miss can cause damage. I would highly recommend adding a preface of text at the beginning of this instructable, letting people know that they should always use appropriate eye protection for the laser wavelength they are using.

    2) You've linked to a video that isn't yours, but you haven't given credit to the original author. Normally I wouldn't get worked up over this, but because you've entered this instructable in to a contest where you stand to gain something if you win, you've committed a significant faux pas.

    Continuing this train of thought, your instructable is pretty much just a rehash of that video, but with the important safety part left out.
    Submit something original for to contests, and give credit to the original author of the video.

    it says wear safety goggles smart one and it says styropyro im reporting you