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Update*** Can't believe I spelt it wrong so I sanded the ST off and and replaced the T in the middle, came out better than I thought.

Hello wanted to do a quick project to help with my problem with solicitors or wander salesmen, if this is your way of living, great, just read the signs before knocking or ringing that doorbell.

Step 1: Think

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My front door is metal so I had an idea to put a magnetic sign to help get people's attention

I cut my sign to fit along the bottom of my decorative window. I used parchment paper to trace the curve of my window then I traced the curve onto my reclaimed piece of wood.

Step 2: Cut Add Magnets

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I cut the curve on my bandsaw, sanded it my desired smoothness. I then placed the magnets on the back side to determine where to put them. I traced around the magnets then used a router to to flush the magnets with the back of my board

To cover the magnets and to protect my door, I placed an adhesive cork board to the back of the board.

Step 3: Scribe

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Write what you want the board to say with a pencil, burn it in with your wood burner.

Stain the board, let it set.

Show the world.

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Thank you


MrJB (author)2015-02-26

I really like your use of magnets. I've been wanting to put a sign that says our last name welcomes you, that I routered into some cedar, but I was planning to mount on the wall next to the door. Now I think I'll steal your magnet idea. And come up with a comment to send off solicitors as well. Bravo.

ABCass1 (author)MrJB2015-02-26

Thank you MrJB. Show me your final product when its finished.

snowy1998 (author)2015-02-16

Maybe he doesn't want druids calling - No Solsticing ??!! :)

bricobart (author)snowy19982015-02-20

Best comment ever!

ABCass1 (author)2015-02-16

Holly crap I didn't really notice I spelt it wrong, looks like I'll be redoing this one haha

d3ath101 (author)2015-02-15


gblome1 (author)2015-02-15

Step 2A: Check spelling.

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