I'm interested in loads of crafts. Hence I collect various tools; and then, sometimes...when I really need a particular tool.. I can't find it!! and even if i know it's in this particular bag...to find that tool I need.... I have to toss my bag upside down inside out...to find what I'm looking for....ugh!!! soo time consuming!! has it ever happened to you?

Well this is my solution. It's an organizer that has 26 zipped up compartments! so it will never fall off...it's transparent...so I can see what I'm looking for...and it''s all in an easy to carry bag which looks great too! Isn't that like really awesome? so now ...if I want to go on a trip...but I want to do some crafting too....all i do is carry my bag!

I've sort of incorporated various compartments so that it would be useful for most crafts...you could design yours according to your requirement :-)

Step 1: Materials

Thick lined Nylon fabric (the one which is used in laptop bags)
You could also use vinyl..as I used some that I had ...when my fabric wasn't enough.
Thick polythene
Zip in yards
zip heads
bag lock and swirling ring
Nylon bag straps
optional- cotton fabric for covering( you could also use the nylon fabric if you like)

Step 2: Section 'A'

I've divided this bags into sections so that it would be easier to explain.
I have also included most of the instructions in the pictures...so it would be easier to understand.
1. cut polythene to the required length and width.
2. attach to zipper by placing poly strip on top of zipper and then bias sewn on top.
3. Attach a strip of nylon to the top zipper so that you can attach a Velcro for the closing tab.
4. place Section A on to the nylon fabric and sew along the yellow lines...make sure you only sew on one side of the zipper.
5. Cut poly for the balance section. mark a curve and cut along . again attach zipper to poly as you did previously.
6. Attach section 'B' to section ' A' by joining the 2 pieces according to picture.
7. I thought to make section B' for wires/ ropes, chains and such...but alternately as it's quite big you could use it to store A4 paper.
8. Cut a long strip of prickly Velcro. also cut small strips about 2" long of the soft Velcro. Place the small strips under the long strip and sew on either side. attach an elastic with Velcro tab...this is to prevent chains and ropes from moving and getting entangled

Step 3: Section CD

As you did for Section A...cut strips of poly and attach to zippers. measure and cut polythene accordingly and  attach to zippers to another polythene...this would be section D.
Pace C on Fabric and cut accordingly.
mark your compartments and sew within the zippers...do not go all the way across else you would not be able to close the zipper.
Attach both ends of 'D' to the back of  'C'. join both right round with a bias.

Now join section CD to AB according to pictures.

Step 4: Side Flaps- Ring / Bobbin/ Spool/ Washer Holder

for each pocket cut one poly and 2 fabric.
cut a rectangle shape. place zipper on top of the poly and sew with bias on either side ...sew 3 corners.
fold bias in two and sew along...cut the required length and attach prickly Velcro.
on to the fabric attach a line of soft Velcro. stick your bias strips to it and sew along on the other end..
Now place the other fabric under  with right side facing out.. Place the other side of the zipper of the poly on the ring compartment and sew with bias going on both sides. place the flaps according to picture and sew.
It's not necessary to use it for righs and spools it self...you can always ignore the straps and just use it as a big compartment! 

Step 5: The Covering

Now that you have done the organizer...you need to beautify it and make it easy to carry around :-)
place your organizer on fabric and cut  accordingly.
Wrap the fabric around the organizer when you fold it. Attach Velcro to the organizer and then mark where it touches on the fabric and sew the Velcro to Fabric
Take your bag strap and cut small strips and make hold tabs and guide tabs. Sew to the fabric.
Now that all the guide tabs and Velcro are sewn...sew the organizer to the fabric. sew with bias going right round.
Sew the bag strap to one end of the bag lock.  Pass it through one strap guide, insert a ring go through the other guide and insert the strap hold pass the strap through the other part of the lock.
I already had an old handbag strap which I wasn't using..So I attached it to the  ring and wala ...My bag was done!

Step 6: Check It Out!

see all the compartments...very easy to organize your tools of trade :-)
If you like it please take the time to vote once the voting tab comes. thanks!
<p>Thank you for your Instructable</p><p>Nice job.</p><p>Rima</p>
<p>Thank you! It was my pleasure :-)</p>
<p>Thank you for your Instructable</p><p>Nice job.</p><p>Rima</p>
<p>Congratulations ! I wish I have the time to make one like this for my sewing stuffs.</p>
<p>Thanks! I really didn't expect this :-)</p>
love love love this, definately want to try as I have a ton of stuff that's just laying in boxes all muddled up. Plus I go to diff craft classes and this is perfect to tame with me:) thank you for posting!
<p>Thanks :-) it was my pleasure</p>
<p>Awesome work shazni! it looks so neat and super organized!</p>
<p>Thanks Muhaiminah :-) I carry it with me to most places now!</p>
<p>You may also want to consider entering this in the &quot;Portable Workstations&quot; contest: </p><p><a href="https://www.instructables.com/contest/portableworkstations/" rel="nofollow">https://www.instructables.com/contest/portableworks...</a></p><p>I guess it would fit the bill even better if your organizer included some sort of work surface as well - like a cutting mat, or a bead sorting tray. Still a better fit than many of the other entries though...</p>
<p>Thanks! unfortunately it was published before the portable workstation contest. I actually did this for the organizing contest, but it didn't seem to have caught the imagination of our viewers.</p>
<p>Nice work Shazni...!</p>
<p>thanks zam!</p>
<p>This will be great for sorting out all my bits and bobs in time for moving house! Thanks!</p>
<p>Your welcome! Pls post picture of your version. ...would love to see it :-)</p>
Really nicely done.the final product Is also pleasing to the eye.well done.
Looks great you' ve got me thinking of a similar project to organise bushcraft tools etc.:-D
<p>Great job!</p>
<p>Thanks..it means a lot ! I was wondering why so few were viewing it...was wondering if it was a badly done instructable </p>
<p>super organizer! love it</p>
<p>thanks :-)</p>
<p>This is really nice:). </p><p>It is sad these days new ible notification from following members is not working :( , I am missing many good ibles.</p>
<p>so true......these days I'm so busy...only if I log into instructables I see some instructables.....else I miss those.</p>

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