No-Sweat Roasted Chile Peppers





Introduction: No-Sweat Roasted Chile Peppers

Here's a new technique for cleaning/peeling roasted peppers. This simpler approach occurred to me one afternoon when I was in a hurry to make Mexican Tostada Pizzas.

It's SO much faster and cleaner than the traditional method.  I timed this process and it took 1 minute and 8 seconds to roast AND peel/skin one Anaheim Chile. That's FAST.

I've been making homemade-from-scratch Chile Rellenos for more than 25  years.  I'll never go back to "sweating" my peppers again... ever.

Once you try this roasting technique, I'm certain you won't go back, either. 

You'll need: 
  • Peppers (of course! ;-)
  • Blow Torch, culinary torch, stovetop flame, or even a campfire ;-)
  • A long-handled fork
  • Paper towels
Begin by inserting the fork 1" into the the stem end of a chile. 

Fire up the torch and char-roast the entire chile, beginning at the tip. Make certain the skin is charred black, not just blistered.

When the chile is throughly blackened, use a paper towel to grasp and remove it from the fork.

Immediately rub the chile briskly with the paper towel while it's still hot. Rotate and rub, watching the skin just slide right off onto the paper towel! ;-)

Continue on with the next chile until the batch is completed. You can use one paper towel for 2 or 3 chiles, so there's not a lot of waste.

Caveat: Remember that this process is super-quick and the fork will still remain very hot between roastings. Hot enough to burn you if you forget to remember... like I did. ;-)

For a delicious, adventurous Chile Relleno Recipe, take a look at my Nesting Hen Chile Rellenos.

Thanks for stopping by! ;-)



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    Thank you, susan! ;-)

    Thank you! You are very sweet! ;-)

    Thank you for this! I'll be making chile rellenos more often now!

    I'm with ya, pantelone! This method sure does cut down the prep time.

    Thanks for commenting!

    So happy you posted this! So much easier than the burner or oven method.

    Yep... and so much easier than the sweat method.

    That's a great method bajablue! I absolutely love hot peppers, so this will come in handy. Thanks for sharing. :)

    That's great to hear, cg!

    Thanks for commenting!