Step 6: Trailer Hitch Part 3

Picture of Trailer Hitch Part 3
Once you get the connector on, it's time to bend the conduit. There are special tools for this, but they cost around 30 bucks and i didn't want to get one just to use it once.

So i used a barrel! You want to have a sort of S shape going from the hitch to the trailer.

But if you have the money or can borrow one, i strongly suggest the conduit bender.
If you make friends with an electrician or maybe a a plumber(electrician is better bet), you can peruade them to bend it for you for a cup of coffee and a nice egg sandwich. I know I would have done it for free as long as you asked nicely. The egg and bacon sandwich and a cup o'joe would have been icing on the cake!

Emt benders or "hickies" (although a hickey usually refers to a pipe bender, not emt), will bend baby carriage frame as well and if you can find an old bender for surface mounted square conduit, (for exposed finished surfaces the name escapes me), it bends square metal perfectly for offsets and 90's.

great instructable

bdneeley5 years ago
If you have to buy your conduit, chances are that there will also be a conduit bender somewhere in the same isle (or an adjacent one), so use that to make your bend. They will probably make you buy the piece you bent, but that's kinda the point isn't it?