No Worries Stones





Introduction: No Worries Stones

About: I am a teen librarian at the Indiana Free Library. My teen group loves to make unique and fun crafts.

This summer craft can transform rocks into beautiful jewels!

What you need:
     Smooth flat rocks
     Aluminum foil
     Oven mitt
     Newspapers or paper plates
     Old crayons
     Cookie sheet
     Toothpicks or q-tips
     Black permanent markers (optional)

Step 1: No Worries Stones

Clean off rocks.  Set the oven to 225 degrees and bake your rocks for 15 minutes on a foil-lined cookie sheet.

Step 2: No Worries Stones

While rocks are baking, remove the paper wrappers from the old crayons.

Step 3: No Worries Stones

With an adult’s help, use an oven mitt to remove the rocks from the stove and set them on a pad of newspapers.  The rocks will be VERY HOT, so be careful!

Step 4: No Worries Stones

Draw on the stones with the crayons.  The heat will melt the crayons into a vibrant liquid wax.  For a swirl effect, hold each crayon against the rock in one place to create a puddle of color.  Use a toothpick to swirl the color around.  After the rock cools, use a marker to write on it.  

Word suggestions for no worries:  Love, Hope, Believe, Faith, Aspire, Create, Wisdom, Courage, Strength, Joy, Peace



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    I'm making Some for my mom for the holidays

    Encaustic art for anybody! Great!!

    Cool idea... can i used scented candles to make pretty smelling rocks?

    1 reply

    I have never done that but I guess it couldn't hurt to try!

    These look like a lot of fun to make! I might just have to make some for my backyard!