How to use your phone,laptop, tablet, mp3 player or old phone as a music player through you car speakers without a cd player or radio!

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Step 1: Item Needed

You will need:
12 volt 4 or 2 channel amplifier.. Which you can find on Ebay for around $20. Either a kit or just one assembled. Even parts
on a bread board.

something to strip wire with.

Old phone, laptop, tablet or mp3 player.

Something to mount to like wood, plastic or part of the car.... not metal!!

zip ties or screws to mount the amp.

Male to Male 1/8th inch cable. 2 or 3 if you are using 4 channels. depending on the splitter

Soldering iron, flux and solder if you are going to add a switch.

Drill with Bits.

Velcro dots or something to mount the phone case with.

(Optional) A switch if you feel like being fancy. I used a switch with a key :)

(optional) Phone charger/ usb charger for 12 volt acc. (cigar Lighter) to keep the peripheral charged in car.

Awesome music and a Fm amp on your phone!

(optional) Inverter for laptop and lcd screen or to charge you mp3 or phone.

NOTE! Also do not forget to get the wattage of your speakers as well as the speaker impedance which usually is 4 or 8 Ohms. My cars factory speakers were 40 Watt, and 4 ohm impedance.
<p>hey. good idea. </p><p>elect a proposal on how to improve it ;)</p><p><a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Install-phone-into-car-dashboard-Subaru-Legacy/" rel="nofollow">https://www.instructables.com/id/Install-phone-into-car-dashboard-Subaru-Legacy/</a></p>
if I want to use for 4 speakers and my speakers are 2 ohm, I can buy the amp you've used or I have to buy another model? I find&nbsp;<a href="http://www.ebay.ca/itm/BA3121-Denoiser-TDA7850-Digital-Car-Amplifier-4-channel-AMP-DC-12V-ACC-Control-/350798566330" rel="nofollow">http://www.ebay.ca/itm/BA3121-Denoiser-TDA7850-Digital-Car-Amplifier-4-channel-AMP-DC-12V-ACC-Control-/350798566330</a>
I am assuming that this if for a sub since it has such a low impedance? In that case you'll probably be pushing higher wattage speakers and should search for something that can handle it. I would check and see what the wattage of the speakers are and enter that along with the 2 ohms into a ebay search. Along with that i would get a amp that has a larger heatsink. Let me know what the specs are and ill help you find a good amp.
Hahah, this is awesome!
Hmmm... This might actually solve my problem. I like this idea. Thanks for the instructable!
You are very welcome! Just make it look prettier than mine lol I used minimal parts and time. Which I will eventually make it look nice and maybe find a cheap tablet but it was very easy to do! Just need to do some research on your car. Best of luck! An<br>d keep making!
Haha yes it is actually. 2002 kia spectra. Great eye!
the car KIA spectra ?
Well thank you very much :) It is rough around the edges and will be a little better with some time. Their might be a couple extra steps but you definitely save some money at least. Well depending on what your junk drawer looker like lol
I think installing a new radio would be easier.. but then I'm old and dont have a old phone (or a new phone) I do have an old laptop but I still use it... It is still a well presented &quot;ible&quot; and I enjoyed reading it
Im not sure where WIL is based out of but its MKRR here
92.3 on the radio. Listening to WIL maybe?
yea another launcher would work too.. my old htc home screen actually doesnt do well in landscape. Mount it would be just as easy if not easier on you motorcycle :) my father in law wants me to do it for his bike
You could do something similar on a motorcycle
It might also help if you are using a phone to get a app to make your home screen landscape. just type in rotate screen into google play
or get another launcher but i think most of them work in landscape

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