Introduction: Just a Fine Paper Airplane

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You will need: I simple printer paper.
or any other sized paper in a rectangle shape.

Fold your paper in half.
Sharp the edge with your nail.
Open the paper.
Now you have a very visible line sharing the paper in 2 long rectangles.

Step 1: Just Begin With a Simple Sheet

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Make the fold as showed below.
Very simple, don't need so many explanations.
Do it for both top half sides.

Step 2:

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Now you have a huge arrow point.
Fold it over the line formed by the 2 top half parts you folded in the previous step.

Step 3:

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Now place the top right corner over the central line and sharp the bended area with your nail.
Do the same for the top left side the way they get both symmetrical in the center line

Step 4:

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Now you will fold up the central triangle and make its vertigo touch the central line.
The central triangle will hold top left and right corners together.

Step 5:

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Now turn your project back.
Fold your project in the central line the way right attack border and left attack border gets together.

Step 6:

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Now fold your wings down over the central line.
Now Attack border will touch the central line completely.

Step 7:

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Turn your project to the other side.
Do the same you did previous step to the left attack border.

Step 8: Finishing.

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Holding by the central triangle, open up your wings.
That is it!
Hold your plane (no longer called project) by the central triangle and throw it.


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