Picture of No-sew bikini top
Make a cute bikini top out of a scarf. No sewing required! The satin scarf I used in this project measures 2 1/2 ft. x 2 1/2 ft.

I know this is an old post, but it saved my butt. I will be using this as part of a makeshift princess Jasmine costume.

very cute!
This is super cute, but I'm thinking I'll probably need some kind of...vertical support. Any suggestions?
Tie one over each sholder
Darth Nerd5 years ago
wow does this work without a shirt. also i have tried it, but none of my bandanas are big enough :P i am trying to find something gjust around the house. don't want to mess it up what should iuse?
clever! nice slide show. thanks
Super item, can use some odd fabric , roll on the summer.
LemonLily6 years ago
What happens if it falls off? Would it?
mikeasaurus6 years ago
With a little work I wonder if you could make a no-sew banana hammock... on second thought better leave that one alone :)
bout to say: 1 that's easy and 2 YIKES
though on second thought if you could you could make a no sew bikini
that would be easy jut take a cloth straddle it and tie the corners together around you of coarse the cloth might needed to be trimmed to the right shape.
You mean like a pamper? hahah!
silviaff6 years ago
simply I loved it! I have a lot of scarfs and never know about it! Thanks!
lenmey6 years ago
wonder if you could actually make that out of a fabric that could get wet its so cute have you ever tried
now that's cute! gonna have my girl try this at the beach:)
Camisado6 years ago
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Trouble Clef (author)  Camisado6 years ago
Not to be rude, but you're rude. Keep your unnecessary, assinine comments to yourself.
uguy6 years ago
Well done, thanks for sharing.