No-sew Quilted Holiday Ornaments





Introduction: No-sew Quilted Holiday Ornaments

These 'quilted' ornaments don't take any sewing skill and are quick to make. They make great gifts to make for someone to think you spent a long time on their gift (they are really quick to make, just look like a lot of work). There are only three or four items you need to make them.

1. Little pieces of material. I mean really little pieces, about one inch by two inches for each piece. Old clothes, scraps or any little pieces you can find.
2. Scissors
3. A chop stick or any pointed item.
4. Styrofoam balls

Step 1:

Step 2:

Cut the material into small pieces about two inches but not regular. Just cut them into irregular little squares, circles or oblongs. Any shape will work. Begin by taking a chop stick, which is my favorite tool, also free if you eat at oriental restaurants and start poking the edges of one material piece into the Styrofoam ball in an irregular pattern. See photo.

Step 3:

There is no right or wrong way to go. Just pick a little piece of material and put it next to the one you just put in. Don't worry about pushing too hard on the foam because it will all be covered when you finish. Try to mix the colors and not have two of the same touching unless you want to use all the same color which looks good it you want to be fancy and put braid or sequins between the pieces.

Step 4:

After you have covered the entire ball you can add a ribbon to the top to hang on the tree or just display in a bowl as a centerpiece.

At Easter egg shaped Styrofoam can be covered in light and bright spring colors. This is a great craft for children because it doesn't require hot glue and any really pointed tools. Try with different kinds of material and sizes of Styrofoam balls. Have fun and send pictures if you like your results..

Step 5:

Enjoy your handiwork and impress your friends!



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15 Discussions

What a lovely proyect! How do you add ribbon? Do you stitch it? Do you use hot glue?


How adorable! I don't even have to get out the dreaded needle and thread;-( I can hardly wait to make some! These shall be my "new" ornament for the year!!

You can really use any size you want just adapt the material sections to look good and in proportion to the size ball. The ones in the picture are about the size of a tennis ball like you said. At Easter I have made them on egg shaped one and used them on a little egg tree for decoration. Hope you enjoy them. Also solid colors look good and more modern if that is the look you need for the occasion.

I love these. What size of styrofoam ball are you using? About the size of a tennis ball, or larger?

I have made them with egg shaped Styrofoam and spring colors and they are a really cute centerpiece for Easter. Good Luck, once you start you can't stop trying more and more. They make great little gifts too, which gives the excuse to make lots.

I suppose it would work for any shape styrofoam. that gets my craft juices flowing! Can't wait to try it. Thanks so much for this!

Theses ornaments look wonderful! I can't wait to try it. Thanks for the great instructable!

Sometimes because of the type of fabric a flatter tool to poke it in is easier. I use a letter opener and sometimes a clay tool that is kinda like a little spatula. I think your first one is great. It just takes a little practice. Tight woven material seems to work better also. The smaller the pieces are the easier they are to get flat against the ball. Good luck. Looks great.


4 years ago

Any suggestions for the clean edges on yours?


4 years ago

Love them here's my first one!!

13, 11:28 PM.jpg13, 11:28 PM.jpg13, 11:28 PM.jpg

It would work because you can make the pieces as small as you like. Thanks for looking and good luck with your crafting.

Very nice idea...for the Christmas theme you could also try different cloth ribbons cut up.

Amazing how "hard" they look, as in many people would be convinced that they were very hard to make. Thanks for sharing!

Love this! Reminds me of an ornament from my family's tree, but, I imagine, much easier to make :)