Introduction: No-slip Headband

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This headband tutorial requires an average level of skill with the sewing machine. These headbands really stay on your head without being too tight and the size can be adjusted. You can wear them on a run, at home or out and about!

Step 1: Materials

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For this project, you will need...

-Decorative ribbon (of your choice- can be wide or narrow) long enough to wrap around 3/4 of your head

-Sewing machine


-Thread (to match the ribbon)

-thin elastic band

-ribbon or nylon string

-velvet ribbon (about the same size as decorative ribbon)


Step 2: Measuring the Ribbon

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Wrap the ribbon around your head loosely and mark the ends about an inch behind the ear. This is where you will cut the ribbon

Step 3: Using the Velvet Ribbon

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Match the velvet ribbon up to the decorative ribbon and cut it about an inch shorter than the decorative ribbon. Next, pin the 2 ribbons together so that the velvet side and decorative side are facing outwards and the dull sides are touching

Step 4: Sewing

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Sew the ribbons together by sewing two lines length wise NOTE: LEAVE THE ENDS OPEN- DO NOT SEW

Step 5: Adjustable Ends

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Take the elastic band and cut it about 3 inches long. Line up the ends of the elastic band and slip it between the decorative ribbon and the velvet ribbon. fold the corners of the two ribbons over the elastic and pin down- repeat on the other end. (follow pictures and it will make more sense)

Step 6: Sewing the Ends

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Sew perpendicularly to the elastic band (so that the elastic is fully connected) Make sure that you sew back and forth over a few times so that the elastic does not break from the headband

Step 7: Tying Loose Ends

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Take the ribbon or nylon string and cut it long enough so that it can connect the two elastic loops. Adjust this so that it fits your head and tie ends together.

Step 8: WEAR!

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Enjoy wearing your new homemade no-slip headband!


RekhaC (author)2014-08-06

very intersting tutorial... i like it..i"ll try it.

RekhaC (author)2014-08-06

very intersting tutorial... i like it..i"ll try it.

awesomness2002 (author)2014-04-19

Cool taxable for the idea

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