This is a great way to hook stuff to your parallel port without doing that much soldering for MSWindows, Linux, BSD, or OS/X (with support for a parallel interface). Great for prototyping projects. To be honest all the arduinos and usb port stuff is great, but I can not afford them. I do have lots of old pc's and parallel cables. Robotics, linux lawn sprinkler systems and the sky's the limit, so here we go.

Testing the cable:


You can use pretty much the same method for the joystick port, but the pin outs will be completely different. The pin outs vary so much from machine to machine and sound card to sound card, you need to check your manual for details.. Do not use the parallel port hook ups on the joystick breakout cable.

Even an old 486 laptop with just 12k (yes just kilobytes) can control the parallel port breakout cable. Maybe launch some rockets? (os is msdos 6.22 running from the floppy drive.

Step 1: Whats Needed

1 - Spare DB25 male connector at one end parallel printer cable with all 25 lines attached. (If not a regular printer cable can do in a pinch. You can always add extra wires by doing a little soldering)
3  - dual bank 10 connection bars so that you have at least 25 usable connections. (only 1 of 3 needed are shone) (if pins 18-25 are soldered together, you only need 2 strips). I used 1 extra terminal for the shield ground.

Wire cutters
Various Screw drivers depending on the cable and the connection bars.

good project. ahhh, the good ol' 90's. now all is usb.
Thanx for the kind words Most everything we have is legacy equipment.
Were you hiding from the wife/gf while you were doing this?
If you have a question about the project, I will be happy to answer it. A bathroom is just a room just like any other room.

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