Introduction: No to Pork Barrel. Yes to My New Water Barrel

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I am an adventurous person. I love travelling. I have many containers at home. Bringing the big water containers while travelling is a hassle. This concept came up from the idea that I will have my personal and handy water or juice barrel when I travel which I can also share with other people. 

Step 1: Materials Used

Picture of Materials Used

1 Plastic Container
2 Clean faucet from water container

Step 2: Unlocking the Faucet

Picture of Unlocking the Faucet

Remove the faucet from the water container. For my materials, It is very easy since the faucet has a lock only. 

Step 3: Finishing

Picture of Finishing

Make a hole with your container. Make it exact for the faucet so that it will not leak. 
Transfer the faucet into the container.
Lock it very tight.
Put water and check it if it will work and if it has no leak. 


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