Fed up groping around in the dark when getting my bike out of or putting it back into the shed I decided I needed a helmet mounted torch. The commercially available ones all seem overcomplicated and/or poorly secured to the helmet. Messing about futilely attempting to secure one of my existing head torches to my helmet using the supplied band it occurred to me that all I needed was a single zip tie.

The key lay in the back plate of one of my head torches, which happened to have several hooks and loops that you could pass a zip tie through.

Step 1: Materials Needed

1. A helmet
2. One or more Zip ties
3. A head torch with the right kind of back plate*

*My petzl was not suitable, what worked was a head torch I picked up in the local supermarket. They no longer stock them but when I wanted to make a helmet torch for my wife I found numerous cheap lights online which use exactly the same moulding for the back plate. In the end I got one like that pictured above from ebay for under £2 including postage if you search "head torch watt" you should find something similar.
nice, how long do the batteries last? Where are you located?
As with most older LED devices batteries last a very long time in the lamp on my helmet (the specialised). The newer lamp I got for my wife from ebay gets through batteries noticeably quicker on the other hand it is much brighter, as can be seen in the final photo. <br> <br>I'm afraid I can't give you any figures, I just know that I don't have to recharge the batteries very often. <br> <br>I live in the North of England. <br> <br>

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