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No Tuna but no less Tuna on this item. Tastes delicious and a mixture of range of flavorful stuff. Make it , store it to enjoy through out the week. It's one item that's not going to fail your taste bud.

Ingredients :

> Chickpeas : 1 can ( 540 ml )

> Vegan Mayo : ¼ cup

> Vegan sour cream : 1 tbsp

> Lemon juice : 1 Tbsp

> Celery : ½ cup , chopped

> Red onion : ½ cup , chopped

> Garlic powder : ½ tsp

> Black salt and pepper to taste

> Carrot : ½ cup, chopped

> Spring onion : ¼ cup, chopped

>Ground mustard : 1 tsp

> Paprika : ½ tsp

> Dried dill weed : 1 tsp

Direction :

1.Drain and rinse your chickpeas, place in medium size bowl and roughly mash with a fork or pulse in food processor until they become crumbly.

2. Add the remaining ingredients into bowl . Toss together until well combined .

3. Enjoy it plain or serve with toast, wraps or fresh veggies.


seamster (author)2014-11-19

Very interesting! I was a bit surprise the main ingredient was chickpeas. Might have to try this out sometime. Thanks!

Debalina (author)seamster2014-11-19

Thank you, I tried it first time and it was a hit :)

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