Picture of 'No-welding' pedal generator stand

Renewable Energy Innovation has built a number of pedal generators for both adults and children. Pedal power helps to demonstrate the concepts of power and energy in an interesting way, along with helping to promote cycling and all things pedal related.

There are a number of pedal powered generator designs available:

This DIY guide explains one pedal generator design, based upon the Magnificent Revolution design and using a permanent magnet generator. The main concept was to find a relatively cheap design which does not require any welding and can be built with commonly available parts and tools. It is mainly built from relatively thick angle-section aluminium which is bolted together. This guide has been broken into two sections: the bike stand and the generator and electricals. The bike stand can be used for other designs such as a pedal powered smoothie maker….
The stand might not fit all bicycle frames, but it has worked on all the typical mountain and racer style bikes that I have used so far.

DISCLAIMER: These instructions are given as a guide for the competent pedal power enthusiast. The authors do not take any responsibility for damaged tools or any injury which may occur. Please stay safe when using power tools and do not experiment with electricity unless you are sure you know what you are doing. Consult a qualified person if you are unsure at any stage.