Step 7: Add Cables to the Base

Two brake cables are used to ensure that the ‘A’ frame does not collapse when loaded with bike and rider. These fit through holes in the base struts. The cables are looped through the base struts and clamped to hold the cable.
I used a 4mm hole in each base strut, around 50mm in from each end of the base strut. More cables would probably be better (perhaps if using thinner gear cables).

To clamp the cables I used home-made cable clamps. Use an 8mm bolt (only needs to be 15mm or so long. Drill a hole at the base of the shaft of the bolt (I used a 3.5mm hole, but start with a smaller hole and expand it out). Drilling a hole through the 8mm bolt is difficult to start as it is a round surface and the drill bit slips off. To stop this you can file one side of the bolt flat using a metal file to give a flat surface, then drill. You could also use a punch to give an indentation for the drill bit to stay in. Place a washer onto the bolt. Then the cable is then passed through this hole, through the base strut and back through the hole. A washer is placed onto the bolt, then a spring washer, then a nut. Tighten the nut to clamp the cable. Be slightly careful with this as I have snapped the cable when clamping it.

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