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Introduction: Nobita Pistol

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The gun has a magical bullet lock that makes it fly 40+ feet. Credit to Mepain's handle.

Step 1: Handle

Make Mepain's handle.
1. Handle
2.- 4. Make
5. Put white rods
6. Put in the innards
7. Cover it up
8. Put the wheels and done

Step 2: Barrel

1. Barrel
2. Make 2 times
3. Put the white rods
4. Make these
5. Put them on.
6. Cover and done

Step 3: Trigger, Random Thing I Forgot, and Putting It Together

1. Make
2. Make
3. Put it on
4. Put it on
5. Put it on
6. Make a ram rod
7. Put it on and put the rubber band on
8. Put the blue rod in and it should magically stay there
9. You can also put the rubber bands like this. Done
That wasn't so hard or so long was it?



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    Mepain wasn't the original creator of that handle, he probably just used it on the knexsayer and you used that as reference.