Introduction: Nodemcu With OLED Display, PIR & DHT11

Lets Make!!!!!

Step 1: Introduction:

In this project we are going to build a system which shows temperature and the motion on oled display.

The project is easy to build and implement.

Let Start making it.......

Step 2: Collect Components:

1. Nodemcu

2. OLED display 128x64

3. DHT11 or DHT22

4. PIR sensor

5. Resistor 4.7Kohm

6. Wires

7. Breadboard

Step 3: Gathering Required Libraries:

All the libraries are available on github.

Step 4: Schematic:

Step 5: Code:

Enjoy Making.....!!!!!!!!


USMCWarmachine made it! (author)2017-06-18

Incorporated the code into my project and it worked straight away. Esp8266, LDR, PIR, ds18b20, and now OLED.

RishabhL (author)USMCWarmachine2017-06-18

Good work USMCWarmachine...

USMCWarmachine (author)2017-06-16

Thanks! I intend to incorporate this display into several units I have deployed. I'm thinking about a slight twist however, having the PIR output turn the display on and off depending on state.

RishabhL (author)USMCWarmachine2017-06-16

Good Idea.......
You can do it by just editing the code. Just place if condition with pir output in void loop, inside if condition loop when true for pir output goes high call the display functions.
Thanks for your support..