Step 6: Freehand Embroidery

Dropping the feed dogs. Embroidery hoop? Special foot.
This machine is just wonderful. I'm glad I read all the reviews out there on all machines. This one definitely had the most positive feedback, so I bought it when our other machine died. I'm so happy we did. The speed control is such a nice feature. My 12 yr old daughter was a bit fearful of the power of our other machine and was intimidated. When she sat down to do this one, she LOVED it! I can see she'll eventually up the speed, but she loves that no matter how hard she presses on the pedal, she won't lose control. <br>The machine was a breeze to set up. I can thread a machine pretty easily, but this one was so simple I should have left my daughter do it. It took me all of 5 minutes to do it, and that included filling the bobbin, loading the bobbin, and threading the machine! <br>The number of stitches it offers is awesome. My daughter is very creative and already has ideas popping in her head on what she can do with all the stitches (99?)! <br>The machine is quiet and the structure is made of steel. Overall I am super satisfied with this machine! <a href="http://www.TheBestSewingMachinesForBeginners.com" rel="nofollow">Homepage</a>
Awesome tuorial Rachel, thanks for this as a sewing newb I will follow it to the letter.

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