How to make a acceleration logger in a Nokia 3310 cellular phone.

I will use it to measure the forces on roller coasters :)

Step 1: Tools You Need

Some tools you might need:

nokia 3310
soldering iron
T6 screwdriver
material to make PCB:s or a "board house"
some materials to mount on the PCB:s
a stationary drill and some mill and drill bits
a spare nokia 3310 lcd if you brake it :(
a microSD card
uALFAT chip from ghielectronics to handle the microSD card
Microchip PICkit2 to program the uP
External sensor, reused from a previous project
This nokia has 5G. Nice.
haha, seems FAKE - G logger without accelerometer :)
<div style="padding-bottom: 0.6em;padding-left: 0.6em;padding-right: 0.6em;padding-top: 0.6em;">But of the 3310 it remains little! But you are an industry?My compliments!</div>
I would really like to do this one. I need some more detail. The bread board pictures are at an angle. It would be easier if I could just grab the image process it, iron and acid wash the needed board.
Am I missing anything or we need something more to do the thing, like a schematic, code and mech files..... "External sensor" ??? "ALFAT chip" ? Ciao

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