Introduction: Nokia 3310 Acceleration Logger

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How to make a acceleration logger in a Nokia 3310 cellular phone.

I will use it to measure the forces on roller coasters :)

Step 1: Tools You Need

Some tools you might need:

nokia 3310
soldering iron
T6 screwdriver
material to make PCB:s or a "board house"
some materials to mount on the PCB:s
a stationary drill and some mill and drill bits
a spare nokia 3310 lcd if you brake it :(
a microSD card
uALFAT chip from ghielectronics to handle the microSD card
Microchip PICkit2 to program the uP
External sensor, reused from a previous project

Step 2: Dismantle the Phone

Picture of Dismantle the Phone

Begin to dismantle the phone and reuse the part you need (shell, frame, battery, buzzer and battery connector).

Step 3: Make Some PCB:s

Picture of Make Some PCB:s

Make the PCB:s your self or let a "Board house" do them for you.

The file for the PCB:s are right here:

Step 4: Finnish the PCB:s

Picture of Finnish the PCB:s

Solder on all components on the PCB:s and make some modification :( .

Step 5: Mill and Drill

Picture of Mill and Drill

Mill and drill the shell and frame to make room for everything new :)

Step 6: Reassembly

Picture of Reassembly

Reassembly the unit again. Make sure that everything fits. And finally, connect the battery and program the unit. The software is not really completed, bugs to fix :(

Step 7: Testing

Picture of Testing

Now we can test the unit.

Step 8: The Result

Picture of The Result

The result with remote for camera sync.

And a log from Speed Monster, TusenFryd, Norway


EidoJ (author)2012-12-27

This nokia has 5G. Nice.

bujnos (author)2012-01-22

haha, seems FAKE - G logger without accelerometer :)

torx (author)2009-10-17
But of the 3310 it remains little! But you are an industry?My compliments!
hypermechanic (author)2007-10-15

I would really like to do this one. I need some more detail. The bread board pictures are at an angle. It would be easier if I could just grab the image process it, iron and acid wash the needed board.

5Volt (author)2007-07-02

Am I missing anything or we need something more to do the thing, like a schematic, code and mech files..... "External sensor" ??? "ALFAT chip" ? Ciao

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