A new video about my new oscilloscope. Any questions leave them in comments.




The Arduino sketch is linked to this instructable.




<p>Built in an Altoids can with Android Nano and rechargable 9v battery</p>
Hi it seems to work great.<br>Can u please explain what the voltage divider on pin A0 is for?
<p>So pcd-8544 are the same number for nokia 3310 and 5110 so it doesn't matter that either lcd came out of 3310 or 5110 ... am i right??</p>
<p>@tyguy2, what kinds of data can it read?</p>
<p>It's an oscilloscope, It reads changes in voltage, not data.</p>
i thought it could read serial data, so I asked. By the way, how do I modify the code to suit a 100K potentiometer? Cuz I'm currently out of 10K potentiometers at the moment and I wanna do this quick.
<p>at which pin u r giving trigger ...ie i/p to nokia lcd</p>
<p>The scope doesn't have a trigger at the moment, however, I did put a potentiometer on A1 to change the scanning speed of the scope, allowing you to look at faster waves. </p>
<p>What type of potentiometer did you use. Like a 10K ohm.</p>
Awesome! I love it!
<p>I thought this was really cool, so I made one with a rechargeable battery and a small enclosure because I do not have a 3d printer. </p>

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