Thought it would be interesting to convert lifesize furniture to something smaller.Most os the measurements aresort of based in the 1:12 ratio of lifesize to doll size.. Four of the pieces of furniture are my interpretaion of existing adult furniture instructables. One is of my own design. Probably put a good eith hours in this project. It took some engineering to figire out the size reductions, though they are not even perfect replicasthey are an art of their own. Hope that you enjoy them and the work that was put into them.

One nice thing about nomad furniture is that you do not need nails. everything is sore of a pressure fit. Nomads travel a lot so they needed furniture that could be easily disassembled at one location and then reassembled at a new location. makes the space required to transport the furniture quite small compared to it being assembled.

Needed 1 sheet of large poster board.

Step 1: Simple Chair.

We will start with the easiext on to do first. it is basically a paddle that gets inserted into a plank. The fun part for all thes projects was using the calculator to take the supposed original measurements and converting them to doll size.  for example.51 inches devided by twelve came to 4.25 inches. That was easy. othink the width was eleven inches. I just rounded up to twelve so that the unit was a simple one inch wide.

Even with this simple piece of furniture (and the other examples) it teaches how things go together. So each piece of furniture is more than a toy. Learning how to put things together makes your mind more logical. You also appreciate what it takes to put something together. One then has more respect for what they have.
this is so great thank you
Your welcome... A learning experience for me too.

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