Picture of Non Alcoholic Martini
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
You are going to need- Roses blue raspberry mix Glass of ice Sprite Straw(s) Decoration (opt)

Step 2: Blue It Up!

Picture of Blue It Up!
First fill it up half way with the blue raspberry stuff. Then smell it because it smells GREAT!

Step 3: Anytime Is Sprite Time!

Picture of Anytime Is Sprite Time!
Then finish it off with sprite!

Step 4: Now Straws

Picture of Now Straws
Place however many straws you want in it


Picture of DECORATE
Now you can make 4th of July decorations or any holiday really. Thank you sooo much for viewing I encourage you to comment! Thanks again!
No alcohol = not a martini
amonj022 years ago