Non-Featured Gift Exchange




Introduction: Non-Featured Gift Exchange

Now, You can probably see what this is by the title, but i'll tell you anyway. Do you know about that crazy (but cool) gift exchange? Well, you have to be featured to do it. I've never been featured before, and i thought it was really exciting. I want to do it so bad, so....The Non-Featured Gift Exchange is born!

Step 1: Rules

Rules are basically the same, but simpler. 

1. Make a instructable, slide show, or video about what you make. (You don't have to tell how you made it.)
2. Get done by the deadline- August 2nd
3. You can have any theme or idea. 
4. Send me this information so i can match you up with some one. You can also find someone in the comments

What You Make
Type ( Apple, arduino, bikes, boats, camping, cars, CNC, decorating, electronics, furniture, gardening, green, home renovation, kids, lamps, recipes, science, sewing, solar, tools, travel, wii, woodworking, or other)
What You Want

Step 2: Thank You

I have a few thank yous for the instructable community.

Thank you for making me have the best time of my life, in a cheap, easy way.
Thank you for making all of this possible.
Thank you for caring about everyone here.
Thank you for participating in this.

Please help me with anyway possible to get this featured. I need to get the word out.



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    I’m in. What I Make: a polymer clay action figure or doll Difficulty medium Price: about 10 euro’s in materials Type: other (sculpting) What I Want: a cool little vehicle/machine/robot or a cute little monster masynmachien from Belgium

    Yay, we're gift exchange partners!!!

    Yes, great! Good of Carson to pik it up again and she did some good matching!

    The inspiration engine in my head is tikking, but I will not tell what direction it's heading ;-)

    I will need some time however, as I have some priority gift making to do this month. A number of friends of Tika are celebrating their "Jump" (turning 12), and I have to keep up my reputation in giving self made gifts ;-)

    Best regards

    Hi Scoochmaroo,

    Here are some pictures of me and my daughters each posing with the cap you made me. Thank you very much!

    Also many thanks for the Caprisun wallet you made me. I use it daily. A couple of days ago it caught the eye of my colleagues and got a lot of attention. It turns out to be a great conversation starter to tell about Instructables. Of course, my closest collegues heard me talk about Instructables a lot already ;-)

    Question: is the matching by pair or by ring? I mean:

    by pair:
    • A <-> B
    • C <-> D
    • etc
    by ring:
    • X -> A -> B -> C -> D etc

    Pair. And i have decided to match everyone again.

    How's this coming along? I just finished my other gift exchange and I'm eager to get on to this one! :D

    I would like to do this too, i need about a week to brainstorm. This is going to to be fun:)

    I understand, and if you need help, just ask.

    YAY! i got featured, but I will try to participate in both.