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Now, You can probably see what this is by the title, but i'll tell you anyway. Do you know about that crazy (but cool) gift exchange? Well, you have to be featured to do it. I've never been featured before, and i thought it was really exciting. I want to do it so bad, so....The Non-Featured Gift Exchange is born!

Step 1: Rules

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Rules are basically the same, but simpler. 

1. Make a instructable, slide show, or video about what you make. (You don't have to tell how you made it.)
2. Get done by the deadline- August 2nd
3. You can have any theme or idea. 
4. Send me this information so i can match you up with some one. You can also find someone in the comments

What You Make
Type ( Apple, arduino, bikes, boats, camping, cars, CNC, decorating, electronics, furniture, gardening, green, home renovation, kids, lamps, recipes, science, sewing, solar, tools, travel, wii, woodworking, or other)
What You Want
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I’m in. What I Make: a polymer clay action figure or doll Difficulty medium Price: about 10 euro’s in materials Type: other (sculpting) What I Want: a cool little vehicle/machine/robot or a cute little monster masynmachien from Belgium
Yay, we're gift exchange partners!!!
Yes, great! Good of Carson to pik it up again and she did some good matching!

The inspiration engine in my head is tikking, but I will not tell what direction it's heading ;-)

I will need some time however, as I have some priority gift making to do this month. A number of friends of Tika are celebrating their "Jump" (turning 12), and I have to keep up my reputation in giving self made gifts ;-)

Best regards
Hi Scoochmaroo,

Here are some pictures of me and my daughters each posing with the cap you made me. Thank you very much!

Also many thanks for the Caprisun wallet you made me. I use it daily. A couple of days ago it caught the eye of my colleagues and got a lot of attention. It turns out to be a great conversation starter to tell about Instructables. Of course, my closest collegues heard me talk about Instructables a lot already ;-)
laxap5 years ago
Question: is the matching by pair or by ring? I mean:

by pair:
  • A <-> B
  • C <-> D
  • etc
by ring:
  • X -> A -> B -> C -> D etc
carsoncool (author)  laxap4 years ago
Pair. And i have decided to match everyone again.
scoochmaroo5 years ago
How's this coming along? I just finished my other gift exchange and I'm eager to get on to this one! :D
your dog5 years ago
I would like to do this too, i need about a week to brainstorm. This is going to to be fun:)
carsoncool (author)  your dog5 years ago
I understand, and if you need help, just ask.
YAY! i got featured, but I will try to participate in both.
carsoncool (author)  your dog5 years ago
Good, i would love to have a lot more people participate, so tell your friends!
My skills include: computer OS (aka Ubuntu), misc. little crafts, and a basic knowledge of woodworking, paracord, and electronics. What I'd like to make for someone: maybe a kool lookin' clock, from an instructable on this site =D I'd be willing to make this size gift package for someone (choose all that apply): (S,M,L): I will make a smallish medium object I'd be willing to receive a smaller or larger size gift package from someone than the one I make for someone else: sure! What I like: electronics, computer stuff, gadgets, soccer, steam plunk, jewelry (necklaces/bracelets), Antique stuff What I don't like: taxidermy, food items, clowns, lawn gnomes, pink/girly items I absolutely can't have: alcohol, and I cannot have scallops due to allergies, but I doubt that is anyone's gift idea ;) Type of thing I'd love to receive: I would like if it fits into one of my interests categories, or a surprise would be nice! Would you be willing to ship to an address outside your own country? Only if absolutely necessary. Confirm that are at least 18 years old or, if not, that you have the approval of a parent or guardian: yessiree bob! (This is the same as my featured gift exchange write up, just FYI if it sound familiar)
sorry, the formating messed it up.

What You Make:  misc. little crafts, some knowledge of woodworking, paracord, and electronics.
Difficulty: easy/medium
Price:  around $20
Type: probably electronics or craft
What You Want: surprise me!

(oh and btw I'm a guy so no purses or anything like that =)
actually im sorry i canot participate. i have not recived a PM or anything anyways... so yeah.... =(
i haven't recieved one either. has anyone??
aceLED5 years ago
What You Make: Jack of all trades as my father calls it good at everything but master of nothing . i am however very good artsy wise :D and when it comes to intricate builds. Difficulty:medium 5 hours tops ( procrastinating :D) Price:$20 Type: a hand held gadget/item What You Want: anything :D:D
laxap5 years ago
May I participate?

What I Make: I'd like to make something of my favs ...
Difficulty: ... taking 2-4 hours to make...
Price: ... < 20$...
Type: ... anything that can be snail-mailed.
What I Want: Anything with a nice design.
Emsaid laxap5 years ago
ooh, iv'e always wanted a "most useless machine ever"
laxap Emsaid5 years ago
I'm making one, but with Lego motor. Does not work very well, so will probably use servos...

If I manage to finish one I can make several. Cross fingers and hope that Carsoncool assigns you to me!
carsoncool (author)  laxap5 years ago
You are assigined! Yay!!!!

What I Make- simple electronics, some woodworking, rope stuff, origami, catapults

Difficulty- easy-medium

Price- $1-$30 Type- whatever

What You Want- fireworks, catapults, electronics, woodworking projects, rope stuff, artsy stuff.
carsoncool (author)  schoonovermr5 years ago
When you say artsy, what do you mean?
like those robotic scuptures that don't do anything
carsoncool (author)  schoonovermr5 years ago
Oh, cool! I like those to.
yeah they're awesome
carsoncool (author)  schoonovermr5 years ago
Well, im working on finding your match. Cross your fingers!
carsoncool (author)  schoonovermr5 years ago
Great enthusiasm!
do we have a rough estimated time on figuring out who we are paired with?
kooplah5 years ago
Are you accepting International entries?
carsoncool (author)  kooplah5 years ago
Yes, but when you exchange, the other person would have topay more shipping ( i think)
scoochmaroo5 years ago
Can I participate even if I have been featured? If so, here are my answers:

What I make: sewing stuff, duct tape fabric things, food in jars
Price: $10, not including shipping
Type: sewing or craft
What I want: something awesome to keep at Instructables HQ!

Did I do this all right?
Duct tape, and food. Epic combination.
Jayefuu Bartboy5 years ago
Edible duct tape?
carsoncool (author)  scoochmaroo5 years ago
could you be more specific about what you want?
carsoncool (author)  scoochmaroo5 years ago
Sounds Great! I'll try to find someone, and thanks!
I want in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what i make: models, movie props, simple electronics, or a combination of them all! difficulty : any price: cheap Type : i guess electronics and craft what i want: smth cool
carsoncool (author)  chosenangelx5 years ago
awesome! looking for a match!
carsoncool (author) 5 years ago
I would also like to enter. What i make- Just ask, but i love to make stuff about household items. Price- 1-10$ Type- Crafty What i want- plush, sewing, toy, trinket
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