Introduction: Non-Lethal Anti-Personal Device/Tactic

Plastic ball bearings can be used as an anti-personal device. Theyt can be used to deter everything from mobs to single assailants. The caster can use cramp ons, cleats, spikes or golf shoes to avoid the bearings. Recovery can be made using a wet dry vac or leaf blower in reverse.


ironsmiter made it!(author)2006-05-16

Plastic "ball Berings" can be had at several dollar stores, toys R Us, some hardware stores, and higher-end fish stores(they call them bio-balls, and are used for a filtering media) The "technique" works best on hard, flat surfaces, like concrete... a gravel or soft dirt driveway would just eat up the balls. Bonus points, if you figured out that METAL ball bearings work better. if you were bound and determined to Go BACK THE WAY YOU JUST RAN FROM, you could use a magnet to retrieve your metal marbles(yeah, remember your mother telling you to pick up your marbles, or you'd break your neck?) Added bonus, if kept in a bag, you now have another defensive weapon(provided you haven't thrown them on the ground already). As with any other self-defense technique. you must practice, and executee almost on instinct, or you're better off just running a little faster! Caltrops have been used in a similar manner for centuries. and to great effect. Police even use spike-strips, a specialized form of caltrop, to attempt to stop highspeed car chases(though, with runflat tires becomming more common, that may fade into history) - several million points for poor thinking though. the poster has obviously never tried WALKING much less running, with crampons on(or cleats, or golf spikes) on the type of surfaces where this'd be effective. I'd rather have running shoes than cleats, and marbles anyday/night.

Foyet made it!(author)2010-06-26

I agree

crapflinger made it!(author)2006-11-28

"several million points for poor thinking though. the poster has obviously never tried WALKING much less running, with crampons on(or cleats, or golf spikes) on the type of surfaces where this'd be effective. " my spine is tingling at the thought of the sound of crampons on's worse than fingernails on a chalkboard

author made it!(author)2008-05-22

what are they found in, or do u have to buy them? Also whats the strongest type like are they better when bigger?

sharlston made it!(author)2009-05-07


mazeka.14 made it!(author)2009-01-26

what the heck are they?

Thelonelysandwitch made it!(author)2008-10-12

Carry a thick rubber band and use it as a sling shot.

pyro13 made it!(author)2008-02-17

This is a forum topic, and should not be an instructable. I guess this would work, but i prefer a blowgun :P

Maxaxle made it!(author)2008-01-26

And how is this an instructable? It's more like...a small idea...

Magpye made it!(author)2006-06-24

Though my memory isn't as fresh as it used to be, I can't ever recall any instance where I've simutaneously been : standing on a flat surface, holding ball bearings, whilst wearing crampons or golf shoes, and an urgent desire to escape person(s) in the immediate vicinity. In fact, I'm more likely to end up standing on the damn plastic ballbearings myself, and end up skating across the floor like some crazed ballerina. I may still escape, but not with my pride intact..

piper1234 made it!(author)2006-06-07

if u add some oil u might avoid them from bounce n stick on the floor quicker and double slip ... that surely has to be painful o better avoid places where u shoulda not be ; )

gionwhorphin made it!(author)2006-05-14

... Its a good tip, and funny, but he didn't tell us how or where to get the plastic ball bearings. 10 demerits! ;-)

klee27x made it!(author)2006-05-12

Well, gotta say. Guy posted an intructional with just one pic and a couple sentences. More than I have done. lol.

Diablo made it!(author)2005-12-09

Im inclined to agree rwin. We should have fun here, but things like this just take up space.

rwin made it!(author)2005-11-03

too many cartoons or slapslick

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