How to make a airsoft grenade that burst bb's when you twist a button

The wrap it comes in looks like this

Step 1: What You Need

(TNT) Big Party Popper
and BB's

Step 2: Ok Step 1

take you Party popper and carfully remove the lid

Step 3: Step 3

now empty out all of the confetti

Step 4: Step 4

Now that the confetti is out fill it with bbs (when its empty it should look like the second pic)

Step 5: Done

Put the lid back on and


the reason why it was low fps is because i put too much in it
I just tape the cap back on <br>
Non-pyrotechinic, eh? What do you think the stuff that makes it pop is? Vinegar and baking soda? (p.s. It's gunpowder.)
no its a spring
?????? its spring powered
uh no?
nice cow isn't that the one from the "cows with guns" song
theres a thing inside of it that when you turn it, it's like a key and it lets the spring loaded thingy shoot forward....kinda hard to 'splain...
your right
no it is not I found out that they have a easy to reload spring mechanism. open an used one and find out.
different brands make them different. it should tell you on the side,er i guess round things don't have a side.
I've opened one before, It's a spring.
this is practaly meanbeans but his is better!
this isn't much of a grenade. it's more like a panzerfaust or landmine if you put a trip wire.
I say it's more of a bazooka.
well, you can put a plastic bag or something in there fill the bag with bbs then shoot it, thats more of a bazooka&nbsp;
yah u wrote party pooper....
lol i noticed that to
me third
me fourth :D&nbsp;
big party popper any specific details
is it re usable, cuz if it's spring powered, it probably is.
Yeah it is
with some force pull the twisty thing at the bottom off and if u r smart and strong anough place the rectangle thing in the right place and turn
i found if u fill w/ bbs and tape a napkin over the end the bbs won't fall out
where can i buy one of the poppers ps: you speld poopers
wal-mart, any all store during the 4th
I got mine at Dollarama, a Canadian store that sells everything for a dollar.
in america that place is called dollar tree or the dollar store. us americans are so un original, Eh?
I've noticed that lots a people on instuctables are Canadian.
ye and theres hardly any brithish im brithish
i messed around with theses before, never thought to pack it with airsoft that plastic confetti that it comes filled with is crazy annoying
this works ok i made 3 and they dont hurt if you can get a bigger spring for it then i would really use it...
fill with poppers/snappers instant grenade shotgun
yeah ive made one of these before. I uploaded a video of me building it on youtube like a year ago... got some haters there...
i tried thsi a few years ago. i also tried to modify it into a tripwire. didnt work.
i did the trip wire, and it works great ! Killed my friend after he walked out of the bathroom ! lol
nice. how did you set it up, i still havent figuered out a way to do it.
I put sticky tack on the back so it would stick to the wall, and duck taped the string to the other end of the wall
ok, i get that, but how did you set it up on a tripwire?
All you would have to do is attach the wire to one end of the twist peice, and when you set it up make sure that the attached section is facing away from the target area. The force pull will pull the string and since the string is not facing you, it will twisted the bottom to get in-line again. I hope that made sense.
not quite, but i think i get it.
oh whoops lol i got them at walmart and it was a 20 pack for 5 dollars
look at my instructable on the airsoft mauler.it have a better fps and it works well for sudden attacks from nowhere.the only prrotechnic piece mine has is little poppers to shoot bbs
ok ok ok i figured id say something here its not nessicarily a grenade i know that the reason why it didn't shoot far is i filled it to the brim with bbs try only putting 100-200 bbs in it with that said you can easily put a fire cracker in there i bought a set and it came with tons of fire crackers i do like this better because you don't need to light it on fire and not know when it blows up its more of a shotgun burst with 200 bbs thats small and convenient sorry that didn't cut it for you "hardcore" grenade enthousist its one of the easiest because it doesn't involve scissors,drills,bombs,tape,and its one of the cheapest the little thing costed me 80 cents about $1.20 including the bbs i will change the name to airsoft BB shower happy ?
it's more of a one chance shotgun, amazing, but a waste of bbs
it a big waste indeed
well how do you think they make all the other grenades you need to have freakin bombs to set them off then they use the same amount of bbs i used i got 30 of those party poopers for 8 dollars ok 1 fire cracker is 8 dollars i dont know what im wasting
dude... 1 fire cracker is 8 dollars? try 500 for 8 dollars.. grenades you throw and they go boom. this you have to be standing beside him. may as well ask him to shoot you in the nads. save you some time on finding the outcome of this thing. ive tried making these but it doesnt work. been trying for years.
I bought the same thing at the store! It really sucks just pour confetti into a spud gun it works way better.

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