Non Pyrotechnic Airsoft Grenade Launcher





Introduction: Non Pyrotechnic Airsoft Grenade Launcher

How to make a airsoft grenade that burst bb's when you twist a button

The wrap it comes in looks like this

Step 1: What You Need

(TNT) Big Party Popper
and BB's

Step 2: Ok Step 1

take you Party popper and carfully remove the lid

Step 3: Step 3

now empty out all of the confetti

Step 4: Step 4

Now that the confetti is out fill it with bbs (when its empty it should look like the second pic)

Step 5: Done

Put the lid back on and


the reason why it was low fps is because i put too much in it



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    52 Discussions

    theres a thing inside of it that when you turn it, it's like a key and it lets the spring loaded thingy shoot forward....kinda hard to 'splain...

    no it is not I found out that they have a easy to reload spring mechanism. open an used one and find out.

    different brands make them different. it should tell you on the side,er i guess round things don't have a side.

    well, you can put a plastic bag or something in there fill the bag with bbs then shoot it, thats more of a bazooka 

    big party popper any specific details