This Instructable is relevant only if you have a FollowMe-Tandem (see Instructable Parent-Child Tandem - Non-Standard Connection) and you'd like to know whether a special type of children's bicycle (namely the Rennrad 18 by S'cool Kids Bikes) can be connected to it. Or vice versa, you have the Rennrad 18 and would like to know whether it will fit to the FollowMe-Tandem. Or when you're considering to buy both products in one deal.

The answer to the above questions is: yes, it fits.

In Step 1 of this Instructable the unique features of the Rennrad 18 have been highlighted, in Step 2 the matching of the Rennrad 18 to a FollowMe Tandem is explained and in Step 3 some words are being spent on the license of this Instructable.

Step 1: Rennrad 18 by S'cool Kids Bikes

The Rennrad 18 is a running bicycle and children's bike in one. It is a product of the German company S'cool kids bikes and has been developed by deVELOpment engineering GmbH.

The Rennrad 18 is a high quality bike with 18-inch wheels, developed for children in the age of three to five years old as a run-and-bike learning system. The first challenge for this age group is to use the bike as a running bike, without the drive unit (i.e. the pedals and the chain) mounted. Next challenges (with pedals and chain mounted) are to use the pedals, the back-pedal brake and the hand brake.

You'll notice in the process of learning children to ride a bicycle that with the Rennrad 18 the stage of side-wheels (stabilisors) can be skipped, which is good as the use of side-wheels does not really challenge children to keep their balance.

Note that the Rennrad 18 is not intended for use on public roads, and thus that formally it shouldn't be used in tow by a FollowMe-Tandem on public roads.

The next step in this Instructable explains how to connect a Rennrad 18 to a FollowMe Tandem.

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