Non-Tangle Ear Buds!


Introduction: Non-Tangle Ear Buds!

This Instructable will show you how to tie your ear buds so they won't tangle. This is my first Instructable, so enjoy!

Step 1: The Grip

Pinch the wire just below the ear buds with your thumb like so. Do not let go.

Step 2: The Wrap

Wrap the cord in a figure-8 pattern in between your index and pinkie finger, untill there are about 2-3 inches left in the cord.

Step 3: The Cross-Wrap

Wrap what is left of the cord between the index and pinkie fingers, untill there is only the jack left.

Step 4: Finish

Take out your pinkie and insert the jack through the hole where it was. pull tight.

Step 5: To Undo:

Remove the jack from the pinkie hole, then pull on the buds and the jack



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    rules totally, this is the way I adopted to wrap my earphones in the last year, I'm just using a strip made with duct tape and neodimium magnets to hold firmly the wrap

    3: you wrap the rest of the cord the opposite way between your fingers. 4: you pull out your little finger and replace it with the headphone jack.