Introduction: Non Toxic Pillows

Picture of Non Toxic Pillows

Have you ever wondered what is inside the pillow you bought from the stores? Certainly they are not the healthy product you expected them to be. Besides that, they will change shape and get smaller over time. Here is an idea that may solve this puzzle for you!

Step 1: Tools and Material

Picture of Tools and Material

1. One or two pairs of scissors. 2. Needles and some strings. 3. Old pillows and old towels. 4 A cardboard box.

Step 2: Old Towels

Picture of Old Towels

Step 3: Cutting the Towels

Picture of Cutting the Towels

Step 4: Tear to Strips

Picture of Tear to Strips

Step 5: More Cutting

Picture of More Cutting

Step 6: Take Old Filling Out of the Pillow Case

Picture of Take Old Filling Out of the Pillow Case

Step 7: Filling the Pillows

Picture of Filling the Pillows

Step 8: Sewing Back Up and Enjoy !

Picture of Sewing Back Up and Enjoy !


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