Picture of Non-moving part water pump  V 1.02  (super cheap)
Version 1.02 of the air-lift pump.
Due to the overwhelming reaction to the first instructable, here comes model II.
it has even fewer parts, it is easy & super cheap to build.
Can be used to lift gasoline, but please be careful for fire hasard.

List of parts;
A 3/8 inch or 10mm hose
a 4mm air hose( this hose should be longer than the 3/8" or 10mm hose)
an aquarium air pump for short hose (6foot)
or compressor ( far away)

Step 1: Slip the small into the big hose

Picture of Slip the small into the big hose
Slip the small into the big hose, but not till the end.
Stop about 5 cm or 2 inches before reaching the end of the big hose.
mother in law was not really happy but she did the trick
Hi! Superb idea. Such simple techniques are good instructables.
I have a problem. I have 10 acres land adjacent to the sweet water lake. However, land is 5 to 8' gradually above water level over a distance of about 1200 ft. Any idea you have to take water for cultivation? local Law does not allow me to put up windmill or solar structures around and no power grid around 5 kms.
GS Gnaneshwar.
chuangt2u4 years ago
Nice idea!
We've made a pump utilising air as the driving force, too. Not the same idea as yours, but effective.
See http://www.instructables.com/id/Coil-Pump/
chefmichel (author)  chuangt2u4 years ago
Great idea, nice instructable !
I am happy to have triggered your creative mind.
Well done, keep up the good work.
itsandbits14 years ago
the pump part has no moving parts unless you consider air and water "parts". The effect used to get the water to rise is a combination of a lot of things including the surface tension of the water. for this lift effect the bubbles can be very fine; as from an air stone, This process can lift water to meters of height and can be made without a compressor to supply the air
armindilo8 years ago
HAHA! I've used this type of pump before, although not with the mother-in-law modification, I may have to try that!
the use of a mother in law has always worked best for me..
ChrysN7 years ago
I have a water pump (from a desktop fountain) can I convert it to an air pump?
squeej84 ChrysN7 years ago
No, but why would you need to turn it into an air pump anyway? The water pump would pump water just as well as this air powered water pump.
unclelar8 years ago
been using an old undergravel filter from from one of my defunct aquariums for better than 25 years.Works great!
aiden1200008 years ago
killing two birds with one stone, the mother in law and the floating
lemonie8 years ago
Which gas are you lifting with this - is it air?
Where does the fire hazard come from, or are you referring to gasoline?
chefmichel (author)  lemonie8 years ago
I use an aquarium pump for all my experiments when the hose is short. A friend mentioned that it is based on the "Venturi effect". Check Venturi on Wiki, you will have all the information. Obviously, I was referring to gasoline when I wrote about fire hasard. Please excuse me, as English is not my mother language, my explanations are not always clear enough.
Thanks for the reply, this is clar to me now. It's not Venturi, this is air displacement. The rising bubbles push liquid out of the top. L
Drackar8 years ago
....A air compressor or pump qualifies as multiple moving parts, no? Decent idea, though. Beets the ole "put the gas can on the roof/ground and suck till you taste gas" approach.